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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

First Wedding Anniversary

Last Sunday (the 18th) my hubby and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I must admit that I am still amazed that a whole year has already passed. It has been an incredible year so far. I think we both managed to adjust to married life surprisingly well. Yes, there have been ups and downs. Of course, we have had our good days and our bad. But in all honesty, Jojo is and will always be my best friend, my partner, my inspiration, and the person I would choose to marry all over again.

Jojo gave me a beautiful pair of earrings – tri-band style - with a row each of deep red garnets (my birthstone), light green peridots (birthstone for August – the month we met), and white sapphires (just because of the color, I guess). The earrings were a perfect match for a ring he had gotten me several Christmases ago. So now I have a set. It was really a very lovely gift and a really thoughtful gesture. (A special shout out to my mom too who helped my hubby with the earring design and had her jeweler custom-make the pair).

I have a gift for him too but he still has not had time to pick it out. Of course it is computer/technology-related so I dared not pick it out myself! :)

We celebrated the day with a brunch at home with family. Incidentally my SIL and BIL – Tracy and Jojo (yes, her hubby’s name is Jojo too!) were celebrating their second wedding anniversary on the same day. So it was really a double celebration. After brunch, which pretty much lasted all morning till mid-afternoon, my hubby and I went to mass and then did some Christmas shopping.

OMG, let me tell you, Christmas shopping on the last weekend before Xmas is a crazy, crazy experience! But that’s a whole other story …


jol said...

Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary. I hope you will soon start a family. All the ingredients are present.

J_8 said...

I can't believe its now a year that we 've been married, time really flies when you are having fun :)

I realize now what marriage is, its not about being the same or being different with who you married but its how you share your life with each other. It's how two people handle the ups and down of everyday life.

With my partner in life beside me, I can safely say I can go through life comfortably.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

consay said...

Happy first wedding anniversary. Looks like things are really looking up with Jojo's new job.

Joanne said...

Dad - it may happen sooner than you think! haha.

Hon - you are absolutely right and undoubtably have great taste in choosing your life partner!

Thanks Consay - Jojo is much happier with his new job. Hopefully all continues to go well.

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