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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dear Jamie (this month you have earned the following nicknames: JiDoo - the baby ninja (because of your awesome kicks!), Baby Trucker (because you can belch and fart like the best of them!), and Bee-joo (because you are just bee-joo-ti-ful to me!),


To our beautiful little angel, I can not believe that you are now 5 months old. It is just so unbelievably incredible to me that day-by-day we watch you grow and blossom. It is literally a miracle unfolding before our very eyes.

This last month, you have discovered the joy of turning from your back to your tummy - and back again. This has resulted in endless rolling around your crib and on mommy and daddy's big bed! This has also resulted in mommy and daddy becoming paranoid that you will hit your head on your crib rails or fall off our bed! We have since then become extra vigilant! (yes, more so than before!).

This month, you have discovered the joy of bathing in your whale tub. You squeal in delight when we let you play in the water. You kick and splash a LOT - resulting in getting our bed wet and most times giving your parents a bath too!

This month, you have discovered the joy of making pasyal. How you enjoy taking walks around the neighborhood in the afternoons. Some days you are even content to just walk around our tiny backyard.

This month, you have discovered the joy of books! I love how well you have responded to our storytime every night. How you seem to listen when we go over your alphabet board. And how you occasionally respond to your learning flashcards (most times you end up eating the cards - but maybe that's a good thing - at least you care enough to give them your attention!).

This month, you have discovered daycare. I can't really tell if you love it there - but so far, you seem to enjoy the 4 hours a day you spend there. It was hard for us to leave you there at first. But these days, I've come to accept that it is for the best - for you and for us too.

Sadly, this month, you also caught your first cold. Well, it's not really a "cold" just a runny nose and a slight cough. You see,ed to handle it well though. No extra fussiness or crankiness. You were a very amiable baby even when you weren't feeling all that well. I'm so glad it wasn't anything worse like a fever or ear infection. But we did take you to Dr. Chung yesterday just to make sure. She said you were a-okay! =)

Jamie, the days just keep going and there's no way for mommy to slow things down and keep you my baby forever. But I know that it doesn't matter how big you become or how independent you turn out to be ... in my heart, you will always be my beautiful baby!

Love you so, so much!!!

Monday, August 01, 2011

The Fourth Month

Dearest Jamie, (nicknames this month include: Chimichuri, Jamie-churi, Gabriellei, Ellie, Ling Dumpling and Bibi-girl).

It's been a month since my last blog entry ... I won't go into the usual litany of excuses about how busy I've been and have had no time to blog. In truth, the days have gone by fast and I've been preoccupied, but sadly the reason is more than that. In truth, the idea of blogging has not even entered my mind. I am actually "forcing" myself to post this entry just so I can commemorate another milestone event ... your fourth month celebration!

FOUR MONTHS! WOOT-WOOT! HOORAY! You are growing up so fast. This past month has been filled with so many significant moments. This is the month you have started laughing out loud, started sitting up (with support, of course) and started rolling onto your tummy and then back again in a lying position. It is amazing to see you set out and try something new. And we marvel at how well you adapt to doing it over and over again. You are truly a miracle!

This month, we've increased your milk consumption twice - hoping you would go on longer stretches between meals during the day. This has not happened though. You still eat every three or so hours - I guess you are drinking extra milk because you are growing so fast! We are glad though that you are able to sleep on average about 4-5 hour stretches at night - some nights as long as 8 straight hours. (That does not mean your daddy and I sleep 8 hours straight though - we are constantly checking on you and making sure you don't accidentally roll on your tummy and sleep with your face pressed on the bed).

You had a couple of playdates here at home and attended several birthday parties this month. We notice though that you do well with small groups of people. However, you do get a bit overwhelmed with larger and noisier groups. Many of your titas, titos and cousins are amazed at how quickly and how loudly you can cry! We've had to leave a few parties early because you seem to get overly anxious at some of them. In time, I am sure you will get used to having lots of people around you too. There will be lots of opportunities for that, I promise!

You've also taken an interest in playing by yourself, which is great. You enjoy playing with Mr. Seahorse, Raffy Giraffy, Bunny, Miss Penny Pig, and your froggy blanket. But for some reason you are annoyed with Ellie (Elephant) and your Singing Snail. You spend very little time on your motorized playmat and even less time on your electric swing. For some reason you seem to enjoy your "low-tech" rocker (the one we manually have to rock) rather than your other more "high-tech" toys! This aversion to technology is obviously something you inherited from me =)

The one thing I also discovered about you (which I absolutely find endearing) is you seem to "look" for me. You could be in the middle of one of your banshee meltdowns. But as soon as I have you in my arms, you settle down and seem to be calmer. Of course this does not happen all the time but often enough for me to thank the heavens for this little miracle. Also, you still sleep in your bassinet (beside mommy's side of the bed) and are able to fall asleep if I extend my hand and hold yours. Many nights we fall asleep holding hands (or until I get a crick in my arm and I have to retract my hand from your grip!). Sometimes, though, you still get restless in your bed so daddy carries you to sleep in ours. You immediately roll over, nestle in my arms and often fall asleep almost right away. I just love that - even if it means less sleep for me because I am on alert in case I accidentally roll over you!

But daddy does not feel too left out. You guys have special bonding times too. I can never make you squeal with laughter the way your daddy does when he tickles you. I can never make you smile as quickly when he makes his funny faces. And I can never hold your attention long enough the way he does when he invents new games for you to play together. You also take long afternoon walks with daddy around our neighborhood. I don't know who enjoys these strolls more - you (as you open your eyes wide with wonder) or your dad (as he proudly shows you off to the neighbors). The funny thing is you don't like being in your stroller but instead prefer to be carried around in your daddy's arms! This month, we've started using our baby carrier (daddy says you are getting too heavy to carry for very long). Luckily you seem to be enjoying being "snug as a bug" next to daddy's chest!

Mommy lola still takes care of you and you also enjoy being with her. We notice how you enjoy your "pasyal-pasyal" time with her as you sit on the front porch and watch the cars go by. You enjoy listening to her sing you to sleep in the afternoon and you giggle a lot when she plays with you. I am sad that she will be going to Manila soon and that we'll have to place you in daycare. But I am convinced that it will be good for you too. It will be a chance for you to interact with other people and socialize with other kids. Your daddy and I took extra care in choosing a good daycare for you and we are hopeful that you will like it there too.

Jamie, you are growing up so fast. In my heart, I wish the days would slow down so I can keep you as my baby forever. But in my mind, I wish the days would fly by faster, so I can continually see you grow into a beautiful person. You continue to amaze and make me proud.

I love you my beautiful baby angel - now and always!