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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Wow. It's been almost two weeks since my last post. I am getting L-A-Z-Y! Well, sort of lazy ... it's been busy but I really should find time to blog. The days are just going by so quickly and the last two weeks have been a whirlwind of activities. For starters, Gail and her family were with us and although we didn't get to spend most days together (we were at work and they were at the theme parks), we did manage to have a couple of evenings together. I loved coming home to a full house and having dinner ready =) And of course there was the one night we took them out to dinner at Lucille's, and the other night, they took us out to dinner at Benihana's.

July is also birthday month galore. My hubby celebrates his birthday on the 17th. So does my brother-in-law, Jay. this year they had two separate parties. Jojo treated the family to dinner at Buca di Beppo while Jay had a Hawaiian themed dinner at home. On July 18th was my niece, Danni's, second birthday and she had a swimming party at their place in Cerritos. On the 21st was my other niece's, Maddie's, sixth birthday and we had a dimsum party for her. The 25th is also dad's birthday so we attended a special mass for him. Also, over the weekend, our family friend Mye had a baby shower, and I had a mini-reunion with some high school friends who live on the west coast. It was really nice to catch up with Lei, Jacqui, Mich, Rach and their families. We had a nice lunch at Salo-salo Grill in Glendale which ended past 3 pm (that's how much talking we did!). It was a bit surreal to see them since the last time I did was probably back in high school! I am so glad we are planning another reunion, this time in the Bay Area to include the others who were not able to make it (Monse, Biggs, Gina, etc.).

Work-wise it's been hectic too. We have a huge deadline this coming Sept 15th (we knew it was coming and have preparing for it since May). But all of a sudden we are gripped with a sense of urgency since it is just 6 weeks away. How can it already be the "ber" months?! Also, we have a huge career fair on campus this Thursday and are ultra BUSY making sure everything goes well. Fingers crossed! Jojo's new job is going well. He is so BUSY though which I guess is the trade-off. So far, so good though. He's enjoying the challenge and is psyched to have this opportunity. I'm glad.

On the homefront, we were suppose to get the house fumigated this weekend but may have to postpone it to the following weekend. Jojo is down with a nasty cold and there are just so many things to do before we can get the fumigation started. For one thing, we have to totally empty the fridge and freezer (we have two!). We have not gone grocery shopping for more than two weeks and are eating our way through all the stuff we have! But still, there's a long way to go! Before fumigation starts, we have to pack up all the food in the house, all our medicine, and all our toiletries and cosmetics. Then we need to make sure our valuables are secure since we will be leaving the house at the mercy of the exterminators. We need to call the gas company and make sure the turning off and turning back on of the gas coincides with the fumigation. Not to mention relocating to another place to live for 4 days. SO MUCH HASSLE! =(

Back home in Manila, I'm worrying because my guama has been hospitalized. I am hoping that all is well. I called her while she was confined and was glad I got to talk to her and cheer her up even just a bit. I hope that her fever abates and that she gets to go home soon. Hospitals are just so "argh!" and are no place for the sick (I really think they just make you sicker!). I can't help it - I worry about my mom, and brothers and sisters too - even when I tell myself not to, I can't help it! I know things will work out and we just have to have faith. But sometimes, being human means having doubts, and fears, and worrying. I just try not to let it consume me.

So, that's been my last two weeks. Time is going by so quickly but I can't say I have any regrets. I am just trying hard not to blink too much because there are too many awesome moments that yu don't want to miss anything! =)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Heat is ON!

Man! Today was H-O-T! I can't believe that last week temperatures were in the lower 70's during the day and the upper sixties at night. And this week, barely 5 days later, LA hit triple digit highs! Torrance was in the low 90's - which is horrid! I mean, really, it is just beyond bizarre!

Today was so hot and the worst part was our school's air conditioning unit was acting weird. For some reason, it would blow out air that was neither cold nor hot. But since our side of the building faces the morning sun, the billowing not-hot-but-not-cool air started turning warm. It was the kind of dry heat that makes you want to just sit down, do nothing and maybe take a nap. Of course, we all took that as a sign that we could take things easy ... which prompted the Dean to call the air conditioning repair team ... fast! The whole thing was fixed before we could even start to really slack off. Too bad! Haha.

Anyway, my poor husband. Jojo had two of his wisdom teeth extracted last night ... so technically today was his first day of recovery and he had to do it in this awful heat! Luckily he's been taking Vicodin and Ibuprofen - which just make him want to nap and oblivious to the heat!

I miss the cool, temperate weather of Southern California. Especially for us (we live by the beach), we are blessed with year-round comfortable weather. I just wish this heat wave would be over and we could get back to cooler temps - soon!

Friday, July 09, 2010

What's up?!

Here we go again ... I am now going to go through my apologies as to why I have been delinquent in updating my blog. It has been a really busy last two weeks. I'm not quite sure where the time goes ... it just sort of flies by that I often find myself feeling guilty that with all the things I get done, I have not found time to post. Oh well.

What's new with me? Well, several things actually. There are too many things going through my head so I will simply list them here as they pop into my mind - this list is by no means sequential nor is it by any order of importance.

1.) Jojo has a new job! I am so excited and happy for him. It's a better job (title, pay and commute-wise). He is now the brand new VP of IT. Cool, huh? He is a bit sad to leave his current position but he is excited to start this new adventure as well. I am hoping everything goes well. I am extremely proud of my hubby and know he will keep doing great things.

2.) We bought a new car. The sad part is we sold my reliable Rav-4 which I have had for over 6 years. That car has served me well and was part of many wonderful trips and memories. But sadly, as most things in life, it was time for a change (or rather an upgrade!). I am loving our new car - it's cooler, more luxurious, and definitely worth every penny! =) The new car is actually Jojo's birthday present - but of course, I get to drive it once in a while too =)

3.) My best friend, Gail, and her family (hubby, Clay, and her three kids, Sean, Jake and Kayla) are staying with us on and off for the next three weeks. It's been great. I like seeing the Imoo family as they remind me of what a happy, loving and active family is. I truly admire the way Gail and Clay raise their kids - they are all smart, inquisitive and well-adjusted. Also, it's great to catch up with Gail. We have known each other since we were 12 and have not always been physically together (since she migrated to Canada right after 6th grade). But through the years, we have managed to keep the friendship. Even if we see each other probably every two years, when we do get together, we just pick up pretty much where we left off. It's really nice to have that with someone.

4.) Speaking of long-time friends, we are planning a mini high school reunion with some former classmates living in the west coast. I am excited. We have friends flying in from Houston, Seattle and Sacramento and then there are 5 of us living in Southern California. It'll be nice to catch up and meet each others' families. I can't wait till the weekend of the 25th!

5.) We finally decided to get our home fumigated. And some remodeling and repainting too. We'll be spending a three-day weekend with my sister-in-law while our home gets beautified. I am thinking of it as a mini-vacation of sorts!

6.) Yesterday was graduation at our campus. It was a simple but festive affair. I actually got quite emotional seeing the students I have been working with these last 3 months, walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. I felt super proud (I am not quite sure why!). After the event, several students introduced me to their parents, wives, kids, etc and gave me credit for helping them with their career goals or with finding a job. I received praise and thanks (and even a big hug from a grateful mother-in-law). It was really heartwarming and I was really extra touched. Again, I am loving my job because it allows me to have moments like this and gives me the chance to help change lives.

7.) I got an unexpected text last night from a friend I have not heard from in a long time. (Hey M! You know who you are!!!). She wrote to tell me she read my blog and came across my last post regarding donating blood and she was inspired to do so herself. She (like me) has also experienced how the kindness of others (blood donations from volunteers) saved the life of a loved one. So she knows exactly what it means to have to give back. I was so happy to get her text and her extra long message ... and thrilled too that my "blog" managed to inspire her to do something good. Who would have thought that my mundane ramblings had the power to inspire? =)

8.) Spent 4th of July weekend doing things I enjoyed. Friday night was girl's night out (all my sisters-in-law and I - that's 6 of us!) watched Eclipse. It felt great to have an all-female bonding session. Of course we all love our husbands but once in a while, you just need to have your share of girl talk! On Sunday, we picnicked with the entire family in Veterans Park (and played volleyball and flew kites). Then Jojo and I spent the last day just lazing around at home (I got to read!). Perfect weekend for me!

Hmmm ... what else? I am now drawing a blank. And will have to pick this up again ... I am sure I am forgetting something ... and whatever it is I will have to share it at another time because right now Jojo is calling me to watch a DVD.

Till next time!