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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lucky Seven

Dear Jamie-Badooshie,

This letter is very, very overdue. Your 7th month birthday was 11 days ago. I am SO sorry that this is coming so late. All I can say is, I hope the extra playtime we've shared make up for the lateness of this post =)

Your 7th month was certainly eventful. There were lots of good and not-so-good highlights. When I say "not-so-good", I don't mean anything terrible. For example, you got your second bout with the nasty cold this month, you also had low-fade fever for about a day or two after your vaccinations, and this month, your beloved grandmothers (both mommy lola and guama) went back to the Philippines.

But the good things certainly outweighed the not so good ones. This month you started eating solids! I was so excited to give you your first taste of rice cereal. The first feeding, guama held you up while I fed you tiny spoonfuls. You absolutely loved it. You ate every bite and looked like you were really relishing the taste. I was so happy that I proudly posted the accomplishment of facebook (right after your first meal). I guess that was a very premature thing to do because after that, you refused to eat rice cereal afterwards. We tried every trick in the book but you proved to be wise beyond your years because you knew exactly what we were up too. I whipped out the Baby Bullet and made you homemade sweet potatoes (hoping that the "sweetness" would entice you to eat). So far, it's been more misses than hits - but I have every faith that we'll get there!

This month, you also experienced your very first Halloween. I, being the overly excited stage mother than I am, bought you a cute piglet costume around 2-3 months ago. I thought it would be fun for your dad, you and I to dress as "The 3 Little Pigs". But two days before your Tito Lee's Halloween party, we could not find adult pig costumes and your costume was still too big for you to wear. So one day before the party, we head off to Party City to hunt for costumes. At first, I wanted you and me to dress up as angels and daddy would dress as the devil. But the baby angel costume was not in stock. Our next option was for daddy and me to dress as bacon and eggs while you would be a baby hotdog in a bun. We scrapped the idea too after we saw how hard it would be to get you in the bun! My last ingenious idea was for us to dress as a family of ladybugs. Now, your daddy put his foot down. He agreed to be a pig, he was okay with being the devil and he was fine with being bacon. But he just was not okay with being a ladybug (even if I told him we would refer to him as a man-bug). So in the end, you and I were ladybugs and daddy came as The Phantom of the Opera. You were a darling ladybug, Jamie! Even if you desperately tried to remove your ladybug antennas all night!

This month, daddy also started a new job. His job entails him working from 2:30 to 11:00 PM. So he takes you to daycare in the morning, and I pick you up at night. Usually I come get you around 6 PM and you and I are together till Auntie Joy comes homes around 8 and when daddy gets home past 11. I'll be honest, Jamie, it has been a little hard trying to cook dinner and do chores around the house - when the whole time you refuse to be put down in the crib and want to be carried all the time. Most nights, I just toast bread and eat it standing up while carrying you in my arms. Some nights, I have to put you down in the crib and make a mad dash to go pee or brush my teeth. Then I have to rush back when you start to cry. I also never get to blog or check my Facebook because I don't like leaving you in bed alone (when you do fall asleep) because you have started to roll much faster!). But even if it has been challenging, I love our time together! I enjoy having you all to myself. My favorite is when we are both done with dinner, changing and doing what needs to be done - and we cuddle on the big bed together. Usually we read a story, watch a little tv, then we lie next to each other and I make up silly words and silly songs to make you laugh. You make a really good audience - as you laugh, giggle and pat my face. After that we say our prayers and you fall asleep in my arms. Daddy often comes home to us sleeping together.

This month has gone by so quickly and this next one (already underway) will undoubtably whiz by just as fast. But I don't want to get sad about that. I want to enjoy every moment with you and eagerly await the next one. I also take great pride in watching you grow and spread your wings. I love you so much, Jamie. I hope you never forget that my little lady/babybug!