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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

All in Good Time

There are many things that happen in life that we are unable to explain. Life is one big picture and most times we are only privy to one little part of it at a time. It’s true that the universe balances itself out and that wrongs are righted and questions are answered. But all that takes time. The things that don’t make sense now will make itself clear later. The things that we question at present, find a way to get answered later on. Unfortunately, as humans we find that frustrating and annoying. We are a culture where instant gratification is so ingrained that having to wait for things to be explained is hard. We are a culture where having to sit idly by and be patient makes little sense.

But the truth of the matter is we have no choice. No matter how much we think about things, no matter how we over-rationalize, no matter who we ask, and no matter how hard we seek for answers, there are some things that are beyond us. It is at this time where our faith guides us into believing that all things come in good time. It is our faith that teaches us to be patient and to be prepared for when answers are revealed. It is our faith that gives us the strength to see us through when things don’t make sense and when we feel we are unable. It is our faith that helps us move on.

There are times I’ve faced sleepless nights wondering why things happen and why they had to happen to me (us). When Jojo was laid off from his last job, I questioned why he all of all people was let go and what would happen to us. When I left my last job, I constantly weighed the pros and cons trying to understand why it had gotten so bad that I wanted to resign – and later second-guessing myself by thinking that maybe it wasn’t that bad. I worried about not having a career and because I thought my life revolved around my job. But in time it became clear. Jojo lost his job so he could find a better one. A new place where he is challenged and appreciated more. A company where his supervisor is both a friend and a colleague. In my case, I left my job so I could spend time with my sister before her wedding. I had time for my family when they visited. And now I have time to be with my dad and mom when they need me. Questions not only were answered but everything has seemed to fall into place.

Right now, we are faced with another situation where we are desperately trying to seek answers. It is a frustrating and worrisome time. And even though we know that things will work out and become clear in time, it does little to ease our concerns and our questions. Life is full of surprises. That does not change. But the one thing that has become clearer to me now is that instead of asking “why”, I pray for the faith to be patient and strong until the why is revealed.


joyeee said...

I agree and trust in God is really needed in order for us to understand why things happen the way they are..:) We should just continue to trust, pray and be strong! :) Hope things are okay there with you and Joj. See ya soon!

watari said...

In times like these, it is the almighty Lord that can do the carrying and nobody else. Surrender all your worries to Him.

Anonymous said...