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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jamie's First Month

Jamie turned a month old last April 30. I wanted to post this sooner but there just wasn't enough time. Here are some highlights of the last month:

+ The first week we spent at the hospital (we were there 5 and a half days). Those kind of went by in a blur since I was recovering from a C-section and Jojo was just becoming used to daddy-hood. We did experience some parental anxiety early on though cause Jamie lost a lot of weight (12% of her birth weight) since my breast milk was not flowing as much as we'd like. We started a formula supplement by the time we left the hospital.

+ Life at home took some getting used to. Jamie was pretty fussy the first night (as was expected) - this continued for maybe the first 2 weeks (also expected). It was a real crash course in parenthood for Jojo and myself. We had to learn - FAST! Sleepless nights became the norm and life revolved around our little angel.

+ By the 2nd week, Jamie gained the weight she needed to gain. It was such a relief for me! I was actually able to breathe a little bit better then. Life sort of settled into a routine (eating, burping, sleeping, peeing, pooping, tummy time and crying time).

+ A miracle happened when Jojo suggested we start sleeping in our room again (prior to that we were rooming in the nursery so we could be close to Jamie). By the 3rd week, we moved to our room and tried co-sleeping (Jamie in between us on our bed). It was a success. She slept soundly only waking for her feedings and then falling asleep again after burping and diaper changes. I thought it may only be a good night ... but so far we've had a week of good nights already so I am going to tempt the fates by saying "our baby has gotten the hang of sleeping at nights!" (hope this does not jinx things!)

+ Lots of little firsts too. Too many to mention but all of which I hold dearly in my heart. Jamie has grown in the last month and I marvel at how this little precious baby can already assert herself so clearly. She has a temper and is not afraid to show it (especially when mommy and daddy are slow at getting her formula ready!). When she is quiet, Jamie looks at us with her almond-shaped eyes and you can almost imagine that she understands what we are saying. Her lips break into a gassy smile when she is content and happy and they pucker up when she's hungry or angry.

+ This first month was a true test for Jojo and myself - we discovered a lot about ourselves and what it truly means to be a parent. It's only been 30 days and yet I already feel humbled and in awe of all the parents out there who selflessly devote their time and effort for their kids. This is especially true of my own mom who is here with us helping us through this transition. She has been AMAZING both as a mom to us (making our meals, cleaning up after us, making sure we have what we need, and just providing a shoulder for me to cry on and an ear for me to vent my frustrations to). She's been an excellent guammy to Jamie too (taking her for morning walks to get sun, rocking her to sleep, and calming her down when she's fussy - for some reason Jamie takes to her really, really well!). If I could only be half the mom my mom is - Jamie would be a really lucky baby!

To our darling daughter, Jamie (also known as "Honeybee, Hummingbird, Baby Angel, Jamie G, Jamie Mayer, Beanie, Beanster, Pangga, Baby Girl, and Puchoy):

Thank you for being patient with your dad and mom - as we learn how to be good parents. Thank you for being the beautiful, sweet and charming baby that you are. Thank you for making us so happy this last month. And thank you in advance for the many adventures we will still be sharing together.

We love you so much!

From, mommy and daddy.

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