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Friday, July 01, 2011

Third Month

Yesterday was Jamie's third month. I don't know where the time went. before this post, my last blog entry was Jamie's second month recap. How could a whole month have already passed!? It's truly amazing how each day seems to drag on but how a whole month just whizzes by.

This third month has been an interesting one. For starters, we have gotten to see a side of Jamie that is totally new to us. We've been used to a passive baby that only does three things: eat, sleep and poop. Now, we are getting to know a baby that likes to talk to us, that listens intently (as if she gets what we are saying) when we talk to her, that actually wants to have people play with her! Gone is the passive Jamie and in her place we have the cooing, laughing, and smiley Jamie. It is truly delightful to just sit in bed with Jamie and have her giggle and interact with you.

This month my mother-in-law has been a huge help - coming over almost every day to take care of Jamie while I get things done around the house and run errands. It was nice too that I got time off to spend with my friends, Jogs and Les, who spent part of their honeymoon in LA. But what I like most about having mommy lola take care of Jamie, is the fact that it allows me to have quality time with my daughter. I think it does both me and my baby a lot of good!

Jamie has been growing well. Her appetite is good and although she has not increased her milk intake too much, she seems to be retaining more milk these days (pooping has decreased considerably). Also, sleep habits are somewhat improved. There have been nights where Jojo and I snuck in 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep! But ... those are few and far between ... mostly we get 4-5 hour stretches (for which we are already very grateful).

Apart from dry skin, which has led us to using Cortizone to minimize itch and Aquaphore to hydrate skin - Jamie's third month has been pretty smooth sailing. She has developed some unusual habits - not only does she thumb-suck, Jamie actually puts 3-4 fingers in her mouth at the same time (thus triggering a gag reflex!). She also likes to scratch herself (sometimes inflicting little scars on her face and scalp!). I've started cutting and filing her nails every other day. Jojo has started using mittens on her hands (which she removes) so we've resorted to using long socks on her hands (they stay on just a wee bit longer!). Also, our baby has developed an aversion to using her pacifier and to being swaddled at night (two things she used to seem to like!).

Lots more to recap but fr the most part, it's been a tiring yet fulfilling third month. Jamie continues to be amazing and wonderful! It just seems to continually get better =)

Dear Jamie (this month's nicknames include: Bibing, Shepepeng, Bing-ti-di-bing and Baby-Jamie-Jamie-Baby),

Another month has passed by and you continue to grow into a beautiful (both inside and out) person. Your personality is starting to show and I can not stress enough how excited I am to continually discover more about who you are. You seem to have a mind of your own (even at such a young age) and I am so happy about that (hopefully I won't have to eat my words!). You are incredibly determined when you are learning or discovering something new (like lifting your head during tummy time sessions). You continue to amaze me and make me proud.

Thank you, Little One. Thank you for trusting me and sharing your smiles with me. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes as I learn to be a better mom. I am truly humbled to be your mom and to share this journey of growth and development with you. I am looking forward to the next month and to being part of your life!

Your daddy and I love you to bits - now and always!