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Friday, September 30, 2011

Half a Year!

Happy half-year birthday to our dearest Jamie!
You are 6-months old today. I am so amazed at how much has happened lately. In the last 4 weeks since my last post, your personality has really started to show. You have become so much more “mild-mannered” and patient. In the past, you would cry at every time we put you down (and I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME!). These days, you have started to become more independent. You have learned how to amuse yourself and play quietly in your crib or bassinette. Of course, we don’t ever leave you for very long – but it is nice to see you doing your own thing once in a while. It might be because you have now been attending daycare fulltime for a month – and have learned how to be more patient and how to share other peoples’ time. But also, I think it’s because you are growing up and learning how to just sit and be quiet and how to just play by yourself.
This month, guammy and Uncle Jim have come to stay with us too. And you have responded beautifully to having more people in the house. During the weekends when we have a full house (with Uncle Marc, Auntie Jenny and Uncle Mark staying with us), you absolutely thrive on all the attention you get. I love seeing you interact with others. It seems to me that you are not shy at all and will laugh and play with just about anyone. I love that about you and hope that you always maintain such a happy, friendly and carefree spirit.
This month, you have also started attending daycare fulltime. I was really worried about how you would adapt to going every day, for the entire day. But just with all things, you amaze and make me proud. You adapted so seamlessly to daycare – and from what I hear from your caretakers, you are a very easy baby to take care of. You smile a lot, sleep a lot, play a lot and are content when carried around. There are days when you do cry and are extra fussy – but luckily those seem to be few and far between. M I am so glad that you seem to enjoy your time at daycare. These days you are kept separate from the other toddlers and stay mostly by yourself in the infant room with your caretaker all to yourself. This October though, I am told there will be another baby coming to join you. I am hoping this will be good for you and allow you to socialize and interact more.
This month, we’ve started taking you out more and you behave beautifully for the most part. I am so glad that you are adapting well to different social situations – whether it is attending mass, going to the mall, taking quiet walks in the neighborhood, attending parties, or just dinners out at restaurants. On a side note, everywhere we go we always get complimented on what a beautiful and adorable baby we have. I hope you know that makes mommy and daddy very proud – but that is definitely not the only reason why we love you. I want you to grow up knowing that while being cute and pretty is important – it is not what defines who you are and whether you will be happy. But for now, it’s ok to enjoy all the attention you are getting because you truly are a beautiful baby girl.
This month, we have started singing songs to you, reading more books, working with flashcards, and using the alphabet board more. I won’t say you are a genius baby who has adapted to all these learning methods excellently. But I will say, you definitely are smart and seem to pick up new ideas well. Your Auntie Marik was amazed when she saw you hold a book the right way at 5 months old. I was so proud of that too. You possess a very curious mind – always looking around and watching intently. Many times, when you are with us you seem to be listening very carefully to the conversations going on around you. It’s kind of amazing how you seem to understand what is being said. I also love how you now coo and make sounds – almost like you are speaking. I just know that when you finally get to talk you will have lots of very interesting things to say.
Jamie, I want you to know that daddy and I love you very much. Every single day, I tell you that and try to find ways to show you too. I want you to grow up confidently knowing that although there are many new changes happening, one thing will always remain constant – and that is mommy and daddy are here for you, no matter what. So go ahead, explore the world, learn new things, try new experiences – I want you to do, see, hear, feel and try as many things as you can and as you want. But remember that when you get tired, scared, angry or frustrated – we’ve got your back.
Happy 6 months, Badoosh! Love, love, love you.