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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Top 10 By 40 List

For lack of better things to do while waiting for my lunch to be delivered, I thought I would start a “Top 10 Things To Do By The Time I Reach 40” list.

FYI: This list has in no way encompassed everything I plan to do in the next 9 years, 4 months and 21 days. (It was tough narrowing it to 10 items!) Although it is a good indication of where I would like to be by the time I turn 40.

1. Definitely have kid(s) and enjoy them – my husband and I are still debating the merits of having either 1 or 2. (Almost impossible for me to have twins since I have twin siblings - they say that although having twins runs in the family, they skip a generation. Having twins would certainly be great compromise to our debate though!)
2. Be an established, recognized and (hopefully) published Training and Organizational Development Consultant.
3. Go back to school and take courses to improve my professional skills (Birkman Certification, Certificate in Executive Coaching/Leadership Development, become a Certified Trainer, etc, etc.). A Ph.D. is out of the question for now.
4. See as much of the US as I can with my hubby. Top things I'd like to do include: Ski in Aspen, Colorado; Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans; Drive thru Fall Foliage in New England; See the Grand Canyon in Arizona; Visit Case Western Reserve in Ohio (where my mom got her grad degree) and Ann Arbor, Michigan (where my parents got married).
5. Travel to Europe, China, Australia, and/or South Africa for our “second honeymoon” (I don’t mind a repeat of our first honeymoon where my whole family and best friends came along!).
6. Take courses just for fun (culinary courses, crafts courses like jewelry making/beading, wine appreciation, interior decorating, post-college literary courses, golf lessons, and ski lessons - for that trip to Aspen).
7. Re-do our garage and make it into an entertainment center / game room.
8. Actively volunteer at my local parish, civic or community center and be a part of a group that does something good for others.
9. Join a Book Club that meets regularly to discuss interesting and insightful books.
10. Go home to Manila for a grand reunion with family and friends (especially for my dad’s 60th birthday!!!).

Interestingly enough, some of the items here I’d like to happen sooner than later – while the others, I can wait till I’m oh about 39 years and 11 months old!

Check back with me on January 21, 2015 and I’ll let you know how many of these I’ll be able to check off. (Yup, the pressure is on!).


jol said...

It takes lots of courage to make public your plans for the next ten years. Knowing your strong character, I'll bet you can achieve at least eight of the ten plans. We'll all be watching; may I suggest that you remind us everytime you check off one plan. That way, we can keep track of how you are doing and you may even add more plans. Good luck!

j_8_d_hubby said...

Can't wait to do these things with you sooner or later. This is my first comment and hopefully not my last. Keep up the very nice blog.

Washington Lou said...

Hi Joanne.... Wrote to you also on your last blog. Read it. Am glad you're in the planning stage. I just remembered the leadership seminar that i attended in the Jaycees. Leadership can be described with these letters and its meaning. VODS.... visualize, organize, deputize and supervise.....All the best to you and your hubby... Unc

consay said...

One thing I would really like to do before I am too old to do it is to get myself a motorhome and drive to every state there.

Joanne said...

Dad, I don't know about having a lot of courage. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Thanks for the encouragement!

J8, first comment from my hubby! Woohoo! Let's hope for "sooner" :)

Unc, Yay! Am so happy to hear from my favorite uncle. "VODS" - I'll remember that! Thanks for checking out my blog.

Consay, that does sound like an adventure. You should definitely pursue that dream :) My hubby and I have talked about it too - who knows maybe one day when we have lots of money and tons of free time :)

Anonymous said...

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