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Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day Weekend

Three day weekends are awesome. Of course the regular two-day weekends are great too. But having that one extra day certainly makes a huge difference. My hubby and I have been anticipating this weekend and we were both really excited knowing we had 72 hours of “freedom” in store. We had made plans well in advance and had several “projects” in mind. So what did we end up doing you might ask. Was our three-day weekend spent …

A. Relaxing

B. Shopping

C. Sightseeing

D. Food tripping

E. All of the above

Well, here’s a clue – it was the "LABOR DAY" weekend.

So, the answer is “E. All of the above” and “F” - we did what every new homeowner and time-deprived couple does. In between relaxing, shopping, sightseeing, and food tripping, we also worked on our home.

The last three days have made me feel as if I were part of an edition of Weekend Warriors or Curb Appeal – or one of those TLC / HGTV home makeover shows.

Let me share some of the highlights:

Saturday – shopping for shelving and storage supplies at IKEA, cleaned out our garage, joined by my BIL who helped my hubby build shelves and shoe racks, celebrated with a leisurely sunset walk around PortsO’Call Village in San Pedro, had a late Chinese dinner, and stopped by our all-time favorite store, Barnes and Noble, for more books.

Sunday – lunch at a Mexican restaurant, then off shopping for indoor plants, outdoor flowers for our garden, and a “park” style bench at Home Depot, spent the afternoon working in the garden, went to mass, and had hubby’s family over for a barbecue.

Monday – went to Walmart to buy decorative flowerpots for the porch and a new sprinkler system for the garden, bought outdoor candles and wrought iron sconces at Big Lots for the patio, spent the afternoon attaching the sconces, reading, napping, working on the computer and catching up on email.

Alright, nothing really earth shattering and mind blowing about the last 3 days, But I have to say, it was extremely productive, quite relaxing, and definitely time well spent bonding with my hubby. Also, our garage, front porch, flowerbeds, and back patio look terrific (if I do say so myself). I’ll try posting pictures if I can. (I should have taken “BEFORE” pictures though – that would make the “AFTER” pictures stand out more). Oh well.

Guess, I’m ready to go back to work now …


jol said...

Great! I'm glad that Jojo and you are having a grand time together. It does not have to be anything special; for it is the company that counts. I am most eager to see the garage with the shelves, the flowers in the garden and the flower pots in the porch. Their being the product of bonding makes them more precious.

consay said...

Just goes to show that you are indeed following your mom's footsteps in turning your house into your "home sweet home". It is nice to have a place and buy furnitures or little items for it slowly.

jml said...

Trully a well spent weekend. Hope that you have many more such in the near future.

Joanne said...

Dad, Mom, I can't wait for you guys to be here in Nov. (you can see all our "hard work" in person!). 60 days to go! Yay!

Somehow the pictures I took don't seem to do our justice to our "makeover" - or maybe I'm just not taking the right shots!

Consay, you know my mom? I guess you do. Well, it's definitely a compliment for you to note that I'm following in her footsteps :)

consay said...

I got the idea from your past blogs:)

Anonymous said...

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