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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Happy Birthday to two very special people.

First, to one of my bestest friends, Jeff, who is turning 30 today! Finally. Now you can't make a big deal about how much "older" I am. We've been thru a lot - from Theology immersion adventures, surviving fire hazards, countless all night phone conversations, getting thru countles bad movies (we did have an awful lot of bad luck when it came to picking movies), to getting lost in Long Beach (with Les) the night before my wedding! I am very grateful for your patience in putting up with me and for the friendship we've shared over the last 16 years. You are one of the few who truly know me and who I know I can count on till the end. I hope you know I am here for you too.

Second, to my ninang (godmother) Julie. I'm not sure how old you are turning today. But age is irrelevant - to me you will always be my cool aunt who wins all the ICA/Xavier fun runs :) I am grateful you have been here to visit every year (in the last 4 years) that I have lived away from home. By the way, 2005 (my 5th year here!) is coming to an end -- any plans of coming over this year???

I hope today is special for the both of you and that you get to celebrate it with family & friends, doing things you absolutely love to do.

Best wishes always.


jol said...

I happen to know the two special persons you greeted. Both are extremely nice personalities with outstanding patience and character. I am not surprised they share the same "birth date"

Anonymous said...

hey dets!
just wanted to say helo! this is my first day of vecation...finally im free! haha:) anyway take care there and hope things are going well for you! remember if you need anything, im just a phonecall/email/text away...

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! »