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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

My baby sister

My blog entries have been mainly about myself and my daily ups and downs. I do have a couple of entries about my folks, my hubby and my job. Still, there are so many other people or parts of my life that I have yet to write about. Much as I would want to - there is just never enough time! But I will ... eventually.

Anyway, last night, my baby sister called me and asked me to draft a write-up for her yearbook entry. I was happy to oblige. After coming up with a rough draft, I thought that what I came up with would be a great post on my blog too. That way my avid readers (yes, all 3 of you!) would get to know one more member of my lovely family and it would be a wonderful testament to my baby sister, who incidentally is one of my best friends as well.

This write up is how I see her, although believe me, she is so much, much more.

College is a meeting ground for multiple personalities. Some we forget after a year or two, others create a more lasting impression. And then there are people like Joy, simply unforgettable. Joy is the epitome of confidence, class and charisma. Definitely a lady in the truest sense of the word. You can count on her to brighten up a room with her disarming smile, turn heads with her classic sense of style, win over a group of friends with her charming personality, and impress professors with her intelligence and wit. And who can forget her exceptional presentation skills? Never one to settle for mediocrity, Joy strives to be good at everything she does – and that includes being a friend, a student, a team member, a leader and an overall class act.

Always remember, Cubs, I'm proud of you, I miss you and I love you.

Now, since I know my sister, I know I've embarassed the hell out of her :) Sorry. At least I didn't mention any of the really embarassing things we've gotten ourselves into! (that's for a whole different blog). But really, with a sister as great as her -- how could I not post this entry? And by the way, I'm doubly lucky cause I have one more equally awesome sister (and two brothers too!) - more on them next time.

Yes, I believe in equal opportunity embarassment - you'll all get your turn :)


jol said...

You actually prepared two write-ups which Joy proudly read to us last night. We were all unanimous that it was the first one that more aptly describes her and this happens to be so quoted in your blog.
As a parent, I am so very happy that my children are getting along very well and do help each other. That is what a family is all about!

atsi said...

Joy is studying very hard in her last year in college. I hardly get to see much of her. She truly is one bundle of joy; I am truly proud of her.

I am happy that both of you can sign with me. I can't wait to visit you as I miss you very much.

joy said...

Thanks dets for the write up!!!:) really meant a lot. actually the deadline is extended till next week so more time to improve on it! haha:) but thanks again!:) take care! back to studying now, busy as ever!

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