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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Happy Birthday Atsi!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Atsi Jen!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a fabulous year ahead. A year that is filled with love, blessings, success, good health and happiness. Everything that you truly deserve. Even if I’m way over here and you are way over there, I am sending you happy thoughts and a great big hug.

To my “big” sister who was my very first friend and the reason why I learned sign language even before I could speak. (People actually thought I was deaf too!). We shared a room when we were young (although your side was always so much neater!), and clothes (when I could still fit into yours) and Barbie dolls (mine always seemed to get lost) and ballet lessons (remember Mrs. Bichara?) and funny little pet names for each other (there are too many to mention).

But more than that we shared secrets and dreams and a very special bond that only sisters can have. Thank you for believing in me, for forgiving me for my faults, for soothing away my hurts, and for being a wonderful sister and friend.

I rarely say this but I admire you for your courage and perseverance in achieving all that you have attained. I admire you for your patience in dealing with everything that comes your way. I admire you for being beautiful both inside and out. But most of all I admire you for your kindness and selflessness, always looking out for us instead of yourself.

I wish you knew how much you mean to me and that I am here for you always.
Love you!


jol said...

Communication is of paramount importance. Your learning how to sign is the best gift that you can give your sister. You must never forget this!

Atsi said...

I am very happy that you remember so many wonderful things we did together. I can never forget the times we played when you acted as a queen and i was your soldier. I will always be there to protect and take care of you. Thank you for your greetings!

joyeeeeeee said...

she's our yaya here joey! hahaha:) anyway good blog comment!!! well this is it for me...sorry, dont have much to write...! take care and get well soon okay?:)