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Monday, November 28, 2005

Second Weekend (w/ the parentals) Part 3

I’m seriously falling behind on updating this blog. I have yet to post last Sunday’s recap and already have tons to post about our Thanksgiving trip to the Bay Area. So, to catch up, I’m posting a mini recap of last Sunday (Nov. 20). Bay Area trip recap to follow.

I have to give credit to my mom again for last Sunday’s brunch. She woke up bright and early to prepare my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FOOD OF ALL TIME. Sinangag (garlic fried rice); tuyo (dried herring) marinated in olive oil, garlic and vinegar; fresh chopped tomatoes; and scrambled eggs. YUM! Just writing about it is actually making my mouth water. Ever since I was a kid, this has been my favorite meal. Every time we play the “what if” game and I’m asked “what if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have three kinds of food to live on for a year, what would you bring?”, my answer would always be “sinangag, tuyo, and eggs”.

After breakfast we went to mass, ran errands, and went shopping most of the afternoon. Came home to pick up my hubby and brother and had an early dinner at Manna (a Korean BBQ place right in the middle of Koreatown). It is one of those places where you cook your meat on a tabletop grill in the center of the table. The slices of chicken, pork, beef and marinated short ribs were served with a light salad of fresh greens and a host of Korean side dishes (kimchee, pickled cucumber, rice paper wrappers, glass noodles, jicama, and others). Really good food but not such a great idea when you are off to the theater after the meal. We seriously all smelled like Korean BBQ on our way to the Ahmanson Theater in downtown LA.

My generous boss got us tickets to see “The Drowsy Chaperone”. The incredibly funny play starts with a homely character simply known as “Man in Chair” who walks the audience thru his favorite 1920’s musical entitled “The Drowsy Chaperone”. “Man in Chair” interjects throughout the musical his funny comments and hilarious side notes. The fictional musical is made up of a host of quirky and entertaining characters: a glamorous actress about to get married and give up her career, her dashing and vain husband to be who does a great tap dance sequence to calm his cold feet. In addition there’s her manager/producer; his bimbo starlet, Kitty; a duo of gangsters posing as bakers; Adolfo, the Latin lothario – who are all trying to stop the wedding from happening. Then there's the eager best man, the drowsy chaperone (who is actually more drunk than drowsy), the stiff English butler, and the ditzy wedding hostess – who are all doing their best to see the wedding go as planned. The show ends with a triple wedding and Trix the Aviatrix flying everyone off to Jamaica.

It is a very high-spirited, hilarious and light-hearted musical comedy. We found ourselves laughing in our seats throughout the almost 2-hour long show. I was impressed with the whole cast’s performance and truly thrilled to have seen the show (previewing here in LA), before it makes its way to Broadway where many predict it will run for many, many seasons. Two thumbs up and a great way to end the weekend.


jol said...

Part III is just as good as the narration in Part II and Part I. An outsider who reads your blog would surely feel the exhilarating experience that we all had. It is a saga of bonding at epic proportions.

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