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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wish List

One of my favorite things to do is to go over store catalogues and pick out things I’d like to some day buy. I spend long hours pouring over catalogues from Crate and Barrel, Ikea, Kohls, Best Buy, Walmart, Robinsons-May, JC Penney and everything else that ends up in our mailbox. Of course, inevitably, I take mental notes of what things I’d get if and when I have the time and luxury to indulge myself.

Last night before going to bed, my hubby asked me to list my top gift choices to give him an idea of what I want for my upcoming birthday. Naturally my mental wish list is perfect for times like these.

Here is a partial list of the things I told him I wouldn’t mind getting.

Below $20.00
Bath and Body Works Wallflower Refills – (Preferred scents: Mango Mandarin, Coconut Lime and Verbena, French Lavender).
Books from Amazon (Autobiography of a Geisha by Sayo Masuda; Red Azalea by Anchee Min; The Waiting Years by Fumiko Enchi).
Three-tier wrought iron plate racks from Crate and Barrel (preferably with the plates please, although they cost extra).

Below $50.00
Griffin and Sabine boxed Trilogy set by Nick Bantoch (if you are feeling extra generous I’d like the 6-volume version).
Tabletop Chocolate Fondue Fountain.
Pink leather Leanback moccasins with rhinestone buckles from Nine West (size 7).

Below $70.00
SmartSet Alarm Clock / Radio from Brookstone.
Shell stripe 400-thread count sheet set from Target.
“Shu by Ai’ – Shu Uemura Limited Edition Cleansing Oils set.

And if feeling extra generous:
Signature style, Large pocket satchel Coach bag in silver, khaki and gold.

Knowing my hubby’s gift-giving tendencies, I probably will not end up with any of these. Sometimes he purposely asks me these things to throw me off. But whatever the gift may be, I am sure that it will be something he has taken the time to carefully think about and that it is something he knows I will love. Right, Joj??? :)


jol said...

I was pleasantly surprised to read your wish list which contain quite a variety of things. I hope everyone comes up with such a list as it will make gift giving easy and practical. Advance happy happy birthday!

jml said...

To wish and hope and aspire for something gives reason, purpose and joy in living.

Joanne said...

It was actually a lot of fun coming up with this wish list. I was surprised (well, not really) that I managed to come up with 10 items in a relatively short amount of time. And yes, gift-giving would be so much easier if everyone had a wish list like this!

Anonymous said...

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