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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Last Friday night, my in-laws, hubby and I headed for Las Vegas. We were planning a weekend of Sin City fun. Amidst all our planning and excitement, we had failed to consider just how hot it is in Vegas during the summer. Actually “hot” does not begin to describe the way the sun scorched our skin, the way the dry air cracked our lips, the way the sweltering blasts of warm air made our eyes water, and the way the leather car seats seared our butts. It was a scorching 122 degrees during the day and an oppressive 104 degrees at night.

Quite literally we were trapped in our hotel since it was torturous to walk out into the open parking lots and get into cars that had been baking in the desert sun. Evenings were not much better. We had the false hope that the temperature would drop once the sun had set. But, even then, we were greeted with a gust of hot air as we stepped thru the hotel doors. Similar sensation to the blast of hot air that hits you in the face when you open your oven door. A few minutes out on the Strip, where you could actually feel the heat rising from the pavement, and we would head back to the comforts of air conditioning.

Despite that, we managed to have a good time. At least, I did. Highlights of the trip included spending time with the family, playing with the kids, the hotel management upgrading our standard rooms to suites, shopping at the Primm outlets, and just getting away from life in L.A. for a few days. Have I mentioned the room upgrade? Well, for someone like me who detests the heat and loves staying in hotels, having a suite for the weekend was a vacation in itself! :)

In other heat-related news, the July 4th holiday is coming up. We’re not going out of town since Jojo has to work on the 3rd, and as it turns out, I may have to work as well (I’m taking Friday off instead). I guess we’ll have a barbecue at home and maybe watch the fireworks at a local park. Two years ago we went to the Rose Bowl and the fireworks were impressive. But it was not worth the traffic to and from the place, the super crowded stadium, loooong restroom lines and paying $5.00 for a bottle of water. Plus, I don’t think I’m up for being out in the sun too long and then getting attacked by bugs at night. (I just re-read my post so far and I’m beginning to sound like a Summer Scrooge).

In other more positive news, my brother, Jules, has a job! He graduated from his MBA program a few weeks ago and has been actively looking for one since then. Last Friday, he received a pretty good offer and yesterday he accepted. I am so happy for him since I just know he’ll do a great job there. I’m so proud of him too knowing he has worked hard for this and now he’s beginning to reap some of his rewards. But mostly, I’m thrilled since the company is located in Pasadena, which means my brother will be staying in LA. Yay! I was a bit worried he’d have to move across the country and since he’s my only “real” family here, I would have hated for that to happen. We were supposed to take him out to dinner at Havana Mania last night to celebrate, but since Jojo had to work overtime, we’re celebrating this weekend instead. At any rate, CONGRATS, Jules!!!

On my job searching end, there are two new opportunities on the horizon. Both look promising for now, but, as I’ve said before I’m adopting a “no details till everything’s final” policy. Hopefully things work out well and I’ll have a new and better job soon.

Also, my family is planning a major celebration for my dad’s 60th birthday. Well, technically, he is turning 59 on July 25th. But in Chinese years (it’s plus one), he’s turning the big 6-0! Such a milestone and such a major event. I am utterly disappointed that I will not be able to make it home for his birthday. I was hoping I could work it out, but the way things are going it is unlikely. I will have to make it up to him when he comes here next year. I’ll definitely plan something to make his real 6oth birthday special.

Speaking of birthdays, Jojo’s is coming up on the 17th. I’m racking my brains trying to come up with a great way to celebrate. Last year, I threw him a very successful surprise party. It was “very successful” since a lot of friends and family came AND I managed to keep it all a secret. Believe me, that was TOUGH. This year, he has specifically asked for no surprises and no parties. Instead he wants to spend it quietly and without much fanfare. Hmmm … what to do? what to do? Suggestions anyone? Keep in mind, my hubby's idea of a pleasant afternoon generally involves:
a.) Spending time in Fry's/Circuit City/Best Buy sifting thru electronics;
b.) Sitting in front of his computer working on programs / playing games; or
c.) Reading DC, Marvel and anime comics.


jol said...

That was quite an experience that you had in Las Vegas. But I'm glad you managed to enjoy inspite of the hot weather. My congratulations to Jules as he embarks on another milestone-a rewarding career in the world of finance. Am glad too that the three of you will probably continue to live under one roof. Eagerly awaiting some more good news!

joyeeeee said...

Hey dets!
I heard about youe Veags trip!!! ( obviosuly through you! haha) Glad you guys had fun! You really deserved it! Maybe next time, you can take more trips with jules too!:) Sorry about the bad weather!
Anyway, congrats to jules as well. Well done tubtub! Time to treat your baby sis now...don't be shy about it okay?:) Glad you'll still be staying with dets....maybe we can get to be houesmates too in the future when I got to FIDM! (woohooo....hopefully!!)

Anonymous said...

hi jo,
congratulations to jules! i know this is not his blog, but since i read about it through here...
anyway, good to hear that everything is turning out well for you guys there. hope something interesting comes up for you too!

Joanne said...

Thanks for your comments - I'll see to it that Jules gets to read them too!

Glad you finally left one, Jeff :)