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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A trip down memory lane

Thanks to my good friend, Monse, who sent me this photo. (Thanks M, for visiting my blog too!).

It's such an old picture, taken almost 25 years ago. (Can you tell by the hairstyles and the clothes!?). Surprisingly I can remember this day quite clearly. This was my kindergarten class (Easter Lily) and the lady in very colorful clothes was our teacher, Mrs. Lola. Here we are dressed in baro't saya (traditonal Filipino attire), lining up on our way to the covered courts to do our "castanets" dance to celebrate Filipinana week.

Seeing this picture has brought back so many fond memories that I thought I'd share it here.

For those who did not know me when I was at that age and are having trouble picking me out from the line up, let me give you a clue. I'm the little girl with her mouth open. As my hubby just said, the little girl in white and blue that's, no doubt, busy talking to the little girl next to her.


jol said...

Let us test your memory a little. Can you remember what you were talking about? Seriously now, it is a gift to have such good memory and an even greater gift to be able to share this.

joyeeee said...

awww.... that's so funny dets!:) but you were really the talkative one in the family...always sharing your stories, jokes, and experiences! but that's what makes u special and unique too!:)

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