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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Back to normal

The last few days have been very busy ones for my hubby, brother and myself. Proof of that is the fact that our usually well-stocked fridge and cupboards were dangerously close to becoming empty.

Last Friday night, Jojo and I decided to stay in. I tried to put a quick meal together. What I came up with was a package of frozen french fries, a can of Hormel Beanless Chili, and a package of pre-sliced Swiss cheese. I baked everything together in a casserole and we had a homemade version of chili-cheese fries. And for dessert, we had some week-old grapes that were still sweet but quite wrinkly -- almost close to turning into raisins. Not exactly a healthful or gourmet meal.

Our medicine supply was running low. Jojo came down with a cold and we had enough cold medicine to last him for just one day. We were out of Emergen-C and Airborne and had to settle for regular Vitamin C. Even our cleaning closet was quite bare. We had several bottles of cleaning solutions that were either too old to use or had about a quarter of an inch of liquid left. We were running low on gardening solutions and had enough turtle wax for one more car wash. There was only half a paper towel roll left and we were down to our last tube of toothpaste. It was definitely time to go shopping.

So this weekend our goal was to stock up. We’ve become the quintessential American shoppers who buy in bulk because there is just no time to make several stops to the store anymore. Throughout the weekend, in between the usual weekend stuff, we’ve shopped at Walmart, Walgreens, Trader Joe’s, Home Depot and the supermarket. Our fridge (front and back) is packed, our food cupboards are full, our garage is complete with car cleaning and gardening supplies, and our medicine cabinet is well stocked. My parents can rest easy that we will no longer be consuming fast food dinners and will no longer be living in a less than clean home. :)


jol said...

You are lucky that the unreplenished supply of food, medicines, paper towels, toothpaste,etc. was noticed before they were completely used up and it occured during a weekend. Glad to hear that it is back to normal for your supply stocks.

Joanne said...

Well, I have to admit that I had to make an emergency stop at Kmart last week to pick up stuff in the middle of the week just to last us thru to the weekend -- when we could go shopping properly :) And the last few nights have been a true test of ingenious-ness to come up with dinner. The "chili cheese fries" casserole is one such example :) The smoked salmon/pita bread sandwiches is another :)

jml said...

You'll be surprised just how creative you can be when supplies dwindle. Our cook surprisingly came up with even better food the last 2 weeks when I completely stopped marketing in an effort to emplty the freezers and refs at home, in anticipation of the overflow of left over food from your dads birthday bash. Sometimes it is better to have just a little of rather than too much of anything.

joyee said...

Don't really have much to say about this!:) But its true what mom would often say.. that we always have to be prepared for a rainy day! ( in temrs of g\food, savings, as well as medicines! haha)

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