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Monday, December 11, 2006

Holiday Home

Due to insistent public demand ... here are some pictures of our home decked out in holiday splendor. Since I'm not that great a photographer, I'll have to include very detailed captions to share each of the special pieces showcased.

This is our formal living room. The ornament-shaped candleholders that I mentioned my mom and I both have is on the side table (barely seen here) and on the nesting tables (not seen here at all!). The snowman platter that Auntie Carrie gave is behind the coffeetable books (again barely seen here). I guess what can be seen are the Xmas teddy bear, Santa Clauses and colorful Xmas pillows on the couch and loveseat.

This is the little spot between the formal living room and the formal dining area. Normally we stash our mail, keys and other last minute stuff on that little table (which my dad and I assembled!). For Xmas we have the Nativity figurines that Jojo and I bought and some gold colored pillar candles. The Xmas baskets (with holly and red ribbons) were made by my mom for my wedding give-aways 2 years ago).

Here is our formal dining area. Usually our cabinets are filled with our wedding china and glassware, treasured gifts from special friends, and the usual knick-knacks we've collected from here and there. For Xmas I've added deep red poinsettias, my three Xmas Santas up on top (sort of like the 3 wise men), my santa and snowman candy jars, and my Xmas dishes (given by Uncle Raniel). My centerpiece (barely seen) includes the crystal snowmen and santa figurines my parents got us from Sausalito. I'll be adding Xmas balls to surround them later on. Check out my new tablecloth and runner - Xmas theme this year is red and gold!

Last but not the least, our 6-foot Xmas tree! I am so excited and so proud of our tree. It may not look like much - but in person, it is absolutely gorgeous! The camera flash does not show the beautiful twinkling lights and the red and gold Xmas ornaments. I love it and I love how Jojo and I worked on decorating this together. On the right is the snowmen figurines (climbing a fiber-optic mini-tree) that Uncle Junior and Auntie Lillian gave us last year. And on the right is the "Seasons Greeting" sign that Auntie Lilian cross-stitched herself and was our present the Xmas before.

I would have posted the decors in the family room - but the place is a mess since I'm in the middle of wrapping Xmas presents. And the Xmas stockings in the hallway are great too - but because of the angle of the hallway, I could not get a good shot. Also, each of the doorknobs have Xmas ornaments hanging on them that jingle every time a door is opened. But I thought it would be odd to take pictures of all our doors. So suffice it to say, and you'll have to take my word for it, our home is ready for the holidays :)


jol said...

Congratulations! Jojo and you did a great job. Your christmas decors certainly added color and warmth to your beautiful home. Now, you are ready to host some great christmas parties with a most wholesome atmosphere. Wishing you a Blessed and Peaceful Christmas!

joyeee said...

What a lovely house... it simply gives a wonderful and homey touch!:) you guys did a great job in designing it. I'm surprised you guys even found the time with your busy schedule, but then is Christmas!:) Enjoy the holidays!:)

jml said...

The pictures and the decor may not seem much or outstanding to some, but to us who know you - it simply is too beautiful for words. I am so proud of how you have creativity and the obvious care that you lavish on your lovely home. Keep those pictures coming.

marc said...

Wow Dets!!! Those Christmas decors look fantastic!!! They are really well-placed and I think it blends with the house! I'm sure anybody would feel the holiday spirit when they're in the comforts of your home.


leslie said...

hey jo!
i love your xmas decorations! :) i think your mom is such a great mentor.... :)

i think you'll be the next Martha Stewart :)

hope you can email me soon :) miss your kwentos....

Merry Christmas!!!

Auntie Lillian said...

Jojo and Joanne,
You have indeed done a lovely job decorating your home for the holiday season ! It is a gift to put the right touch to the right place. Kudos ! Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Healthy New Year !!

watari said...

Nice pictures. You did a great job in fixing up your place for the christmas season. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Anonymous said...

merry Christmas, jo and jojo.