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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Birthday, Father Bear!

Today is my dad’s birthday. Every year my brothers, sisters and I have such a tough time trying to figure out what to get my dad. After all, I’ve asked this before, “what do you get a man who has everything!?”. Seriously it’s tough! But this year, my sister came up with a brilliant idea. We would take care of footing the bill for one of my dad’s parties. Let me back track a bit and explain that every year my dad has several birthday parties. Unlike most people, my dad does not have a 1-day birthday celebration – rather, he has a month-long birthday blowout (several parties with different groups of family and friends). This year was no different. He has 4 parties planned over a span of 3 weeks. As our gift, my sisters, brothers and I were all chipping in to take care of his birthday lunch with family.

It’s a great gift since I know my dad would be extremely touched by this small gesture. Also since Jules, Jojo and I are way over here – this was our small way to share in the family celebration. But lastly, it’s a gift that’s absolutely perfect for a man who has everything but has a soft side for intimate gestures from his family :)

Happy Birthday, Dad! I wish you lots of happiness, love, blessings and good health. I am thrilled that you liked our gift. Like I wrote in my last letter to you, this is our way of turning the tables on you … you have given us so much and every year on our birthdays you generously lavished us with parties, gifts and all sorts of treats … this is our way of giving only a small part of that back to you.

I am glad we made you happy, Dad. Seeing you this happy has made us very happy too and truly makes doing this so worthwhile for all of us. I say – this should be the start of another family tradition! I know I speak for everyone in saying “we love you very much and we thank you for being the best dad – ever”. We really hope that next year we’ll be there to celebrate with you in-person. :)


jol said...

"A man who has everything" is a figure of speech. Everything here stands for Judy, Jenny, Joanne and Jojo, Jules, Jim and Joy. Thank you "everything" for a most pleasant surprise on my grandest party this year.

jol said...

Your dad is the most appreciative person I know. Hope that all of you children will have partners in life as wonderful as your dad. Indeed you are so blessed to have a father like him.

jml said...

by the way there are 6 parties in all over a 3 weeks span.

jml said...

sorry, just realized that the 2nd comment was signed erroneously. It was sent by the same person doing this correction.

joyeee said...

Wow, that was a great blog dets...:) i would have to agree that dad is the greatest and best dad in the world... and yes, we should make it a tradition to pay for at leas one of his parties...:)
Belated Happy Happy Birthday Dad... As the saying, "May you have many many more to come...." Wishing you all the best too!

jen said...

it was so nice that we made this for Dad during his birthday. it made him very happy.

leslie Ty said...

Happy Happy Birthday Uncle James :)