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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Christmas in October

We took Auntie Julie and Uncle Raniel out for lunch today and spent the afternoon browsing the mall. While at Marshalls, I found a really beautiful pair of candle lamps – made from white porcelain and trimmed with gold. The lamps that were about a foot and a half tall, had a simple pattern of red and green holly both on the lamp base and around the lamp shade. I found it so elegantly jolly that I just had to get the pair! I could not believe what a bargain they were too ($45.00 for the pair - and they were Lennox pieces too!).

When we got home, I was so excited with our find that I looked around to see where the lamps would look best. I decided that they looked festive flanking a tray of white and red candles. The set was perfect as our dining table centerpiece. As I admired our dining table, I found that I had been bitten by the “Xmas Spirit bug” and decided that today was as good a day as any to start with the Christmas decorating! I cajoled Jojo into climbing the rafters in our garage to retrieve the boxes that hold the rest of our Xmas trinkets. We dusted off the boxes and retrieved our treasures (mostly wrapped in tissue and bubblewrap), opened the windows to air the room, while turning the lights down low to get into the "decorating spirit". While my aunt and uncle ran errands, my hubby and I worked on decorating our home.

We got a lot done this afternoon (of course everything is out yet … that would certainly take more than a couple of hours!). But it was a nice surprise for Auntie Julie and Uncle Raniel when they walked in the door to find the holiday spirit liberally spread across our living room. Never mind that Halloween is in two days and that the Thanksgiving holidays are just around the corner. In our home, we’ve skipped ahead and are almost ready for the Yuletide season!

Let me be the first to wish everyone "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!".


jol said...

I am glad that you are celebrating christmas very early this year. It is a season of great joy and happiness. Let the spirit of this season always prevail in your lives.

jml said...

My christmas decors were out and done a couple of weeks ago and everyone says I am late this year. christmas is indeed the happiest season of the year and it makes sense to clothe the house and immerse everyone in the spirit of joy. From our home to yours, Merry Christmas.

joyeee said...

Oh I love the Christmas season...and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there and spending this season with all of you!:)
That's nice that you're already putting up the Christmas decors. In our office, we're still in the spirit of Haloween, but I think pretty soon, we'll be all over the Christmas theme too!:) Here in the house, we're feeling the Christmas spirit too....!:)

Jacob Ng said...

Hi Jo!

Advanced Merry Xmas! How are you? I've been reading your blog on and off now, but since I was reading it out of the office I couldnt post! I was working for Citibank for the past 2 years (kulit ni Les!) but now Im working for my dad in our bank. Great to see that you guys are really happy over there in LA. Too bad I didnt get to stay with you over there (buti nalang, baka naubos pagkain niyo sa akin!) Next time I go to the US, I will definitely visit!