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Saturday, October 27, 2007


It’ s been so long since I last blogged. I think this is probably the longest I have gone without updating my site. I do hope I still have one or two straggling readers that will still find the time to check my blog out. If not, then I am writing this for the sake of posterity … so I will remember that October was a busy month. So busy that inspite of much news to share, I’ve had no time to put my thoughts to paper.

Let me give a rundown of some things that have been happening:

  • The BIG project for work (the one that’s kept me working LONG hours and put me under a great deal of pressure … was finally due on the 22nd. I can breathe a great big sigh of relief … well, maybe a little sigh of relief cause I now have another BIG project due in December. So far the jury is out as to whether the BIG project due in October has turned out well. Fingers remained crossed …
  • I finally got my work permit. I can now work without the need for sponsorship. So long anticipated! Ironically, even if I’ve been promising myself I would find a “better” job once I got it … I’m still where I am and strangely so, things here seem to be working out better. Life is strange that way. But it does relieve a lot of pressure and it does make things much easier. So although I have not quite taken advantage of it … I am immensely thankful.
  • My brother, Jules, moved to a new job – a much bigger company with a much better position (and great pay too). I’m so happy for him since he’s been on the lookout for quite some time. And it is a testament to how good my bro is to have landed this job especially since these days, the job market has been not so hot. Of course the first few months are always trying and I hope things work out well for him. Incidentally, he’s also moved to a new apartment (today was moving day!) that’s much closer to work (and still about an hour from where we live). I’m so glad he has not moved too far away since I really enjoy having my brother close by!
  • So many things to look forward to. My parents are coming on Friday. It’s been almost a year and a half since I last saw them. I can’t wait to see my mom and dad. I am sooo thrilled they are staying a whole month (it’s still too short a visit, if you ask me, but I’ll take four weeks over three!). Also looking forward to our vacation in Seattle. Everyone thinks we’re insane for visiting the Emerald City in November – but even if the weather will be cold and rainy, I am sure my family will find fun things to do and cool places to explore. And then just as my parents leave for Manila (which will make me SAD), in a week’s time, my sisters will be here! And so my sadness won’t last too long. I am sooo excited that both Atsi and Joy will be spending the holidays here. It’s going to be awesome to have my sisters (who also happen to be my bestest friends) here for Xmas AND New Year’s. Of course, their special friends … Mark and Marc will be here too.
  • My Auntie Julie and Uncle Raniel are here with us this weekend. We feel a little guilty that they arrived last night and today was my brother’s move to he new apartment. So rather than taking my aunt and uncle out, they spent their first day in LA helping with the move. They are such good sports about it though and were really tons of help. We couldn’t have gotten everything done without them. Treating them to lunch was the least Jules could do :)
  • This Tuesday is my brother-in-law, Lee’s, birthday. We celebrated tonight with dinner at Golden Pheasant with the whole family. I love family dinners because it’s a chance for everyone to catch up and for me to spend time with my nieces and nephews too.
  • The month has not been all good things … I lost a really good friend at work (she moved to another company). It’s strange to go to work and see an empty cubicle across mine. And then there are the problems we’ve been having with our water softener unit (it’s been working and not working, then working, then not working … today, it’s not working!). Our GPS system has been on the fritz too. What’s up with technology??? Oh and this month … there have been those terrible Southern California wildfires. I’m so saddened by all the loss and destruction … I really feel for those families whose homes have been destroyed. Not to mention the landscapes that have been ravaged. The sky has been a smoggy shade of gray these days (almost overcast) even if the temperatures have been warm and we’ve had little flecks of ash fall on our cars. And of course, the air quality is quite horrible. But I really can’t complain after so many have been through so much worse conditions. My thoughts and prayers are with them all.

I guess the month of October has gone by so fast. So many things (mostly good) have happened. I can’t wait to see what November holds in store. And I promise, to do my best, to blog a little more regularly in the future!


jol said...

It is a month of ups and downs but clearly there are more ups. We certainly look forward to more blogs from you; there are many lurkers out there who enjoyed your blogs but are just a bit shy to offer a comment. One day, I am sure they will surprise you.

jml said...

I am so happy to see a new blog from you. Your long silence has been missed tremendously. Congratulations for all the wonderful and positive October developments you shared with your readers. I forsee a better November and December will be the icing on your cake of joy and accomplishments.