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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Joys of Sisterhood

I cannot begin to describe how happy I am to have my sisters here with me. I’ve always been close to both of them and despite our age gaps – they are both my “bestest” friends. After they arrived yesterday and we’ve spent just one night re-connecting, I am so thankful I have them both here. I couldn’t take the day off from work and hoped that my sisters would find some way to amuse themselves while I was tied up. They did go shopping with Mark (Atsi’s fiancé) – but the rest of the day they kept pretty busy here at home too.

So many pleasant surprises were waiting for me when I got home. To begin with, it was GREAT coming home to family. Such perfect timing too since tonight Jojo is staying late for their company Xmas party and ordinarily it would have been meant a night home alone for me. Then, I was greeted by a delicious home-cooked dinner. My baby sister, Joy, had made gambas (my mom’s special recipe too) and garlic rice. Super duper yummy! They also prepared herb-roasted chicken and baked lasagna (okay these last two items were store bought and “heated” at home). Mark had also baked a pan of “No Tomorrows” – a dessert that’s so good, people eat them up like there are “no tomorrows”. And yes, it was good – hot out of the oven and full of chocolate-y goodness.

Then I was given the grand tour around the house where my sisters proudly showed off what else they had been busy with. Atsi had cleaned up my kitchen – it was spic and span to the max! So clean, you could probably eat off the floor! Everything was in place (even the dishes I always leave drying in the dishwasher!). So spotless I almost felt like I was in someone else’s home. Next I walked into our room and was proudly shown how Joy fixed up my entire closet (all 4 sections) and my bureau. Not a small feat since it is a large and very disorganized space. Our laundry (both Jojo’s and mine) had been done – and even a laundry basket full of clean clothes, (freshly washed and waiting to be folded) was washed a second time by my over-zealous sisters! Our room is so clean and made-up it’s almost like walking into a hotel suite. Jojo will have the shock of his life when he gets home tonight!

That’s not all. My shoes were dusted and have been arranged in their proper racks. The floors have been swept, the counters wiped clean and everything is in the right place. It just keeps getting better … they even bought a new Xmas mantle for my buffet table. It is truly AMAZING! My very own pre-Xmas miracle. Even without all this, I think my sisters are the BEST, but after all this, I am pretty sure anyone would agree too.

Here are pictures as proof: (Mom - your crash course in home economics clearly were a success!)

Home-cooked dinner (from top to bottom: garlic fried rice, gambas, baked lasagna, roast chicken).

My closet.

My bureau.

My shoe racks.

My new Xmas mantle.


jml said...

Amen to that. Sisters are indeed a girl's best friend. They can always be counted on to be at your side and help in what ever way when needed. You laugh, argue, share your things, pour out your hurts and grievances, shop, gossip, cry, and even occasionaly fight with them, but you know that they will always be there for you when you need them. I am so happy that you have discovered and enjoyed the joys of sisterhood. Take care of it and each other always.

jol said...

As a father I am overjoyed reading this blog. It makes me wish that I could have had more children like all of you.

leslie ty said...

Jo! I can imagine atchie cleaning the house... =) she's super sipag =) can also cook! super mana talaga kayo kay auntie judy !!!

i know you're super happy and busy so i understand if you can't write back muna... =)

i'm sooooo excited for your homecoming!!!! grabe!!! i'm sooo looking forward to it!

i miss you !!!!

watari said...

Great pictures. How about a picture of your christmas tree:)

Sareet said...

Dang, girl! You've got a lot of shoes!!!

Junarakasa said...

Watari, we'll post some Xmas pics soon =)

Sareet, yes, I know. It's my one true vice =)