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Saturday, December 01, 2007

See You Soon

Last night I took my parents to the airport where they would be catching a plane back to Manila. It's hard to believe that 4 weeks have passed already. I promised myself that I wouldn't be sad about their leaving since I know I will be seeing them again really soon. After all they would be back next year for sure for my sister's wedding. And not only that, Jojo and I are planning to visit to Manila the first half of next year as well. I tried to convince myself that their leaving was for the best after all I was starting to feel guilty since during the latter part of their stay here, I had to go back to work and couldn't take too much time off. My mom spent those days ferociously cleaning the house from top to bottom and cooking up a storm while my dad was getting somewhat restless at home and would while away the time taking walks to local stores running errands for my mom. This was not the kind of "vacation" I wanted them to have so I tried to tell myself that their leaving would be better in the long run. I was very close to convincing myself ... but just as they had to enter the walkway that would take them to the boarding gates, I couldn't help but cry and wish I could beg my folks to take me with them or better yet to stay just a little bit longer.

It was hard to drive home from the airport by myself (my mellow-dramatic mood was heightened by the heavy downpour and the gray skies across LA). I tried to think of happy thoughts and focus on the positive but it was tough. When I got home, I was glad that Jojo was back from work since it would have been unbearable to be home alone at that time. It's so weird to come home and to see all the stuff my folks have left - which made me sad all over again. I know this sounds so overly dramatic but it's true. This morning, I woke up half expecting to find my dad sitting in the family room ready to greet me "good morning" and my mom bustling in the kitchen making breakfast. Instead the room was cold and empty. I was kind of glad I had to go to the office (on a Saturday!) just to get out of the house.

I guess some things never change. I can be all of 32 years, I've lived away from home for almost 7 years, have a successful career, have a family and home of my own, and have a busy and active life - but deep inside I am still very much attached to my mom and dad. The last few days were a pleasant reminder of how well my parents take care of us and in some ways how we in turn take care of them. It's so easy to get used to it and so hard to adjust once they have to leave for home. My dad says that saying good-bye is part of life since without good-bye's there can never be a chance to meet again. But in my mind, I'd rather say "see you soon" than end by saying "good-bye".

To Father-Bear and Ju-delicious, thank you so much for coming to stay with us. Thank you for making this your second home. Thank you, mom, for all the home-cooked meals (and all the food you left behind), for making our home look better and more livable (I will do my best and keep it as clean as you left it ... but I can't make any promises!). Thanks for taking care of all the little details we overlook and making sure we have all that we need. Thank you, dad, for your lively stories and funny jokes that always brighten my day. Thanks for everything you have bought for us, all the meals you treated us out too, and your very generous Xmas present. Thank you both for reminding me once again how lucky I am to have parents like you. The last 4 weeks were so special to me and even if seeing you leave was tough, I would never trade your visit for the world!

Yes, I am still a little sad that you have left but happy to know we'll be together again soon and for now I am consoled by the fact that in 10 days Atsi and Joy will be here and that is definitely something to look forward to!


Anonymous said...

Parting is such sweet sorrows but it is in parting that we shall meet again. Frankly, the goodbyes this time was more difficult than in the past; Jojo and you have made me feel very much at home.

joyeeee said...

awww.... again, another story which is well said!:) I am moved on how you narrated this story dets...:) I agree that saying goodbye is truly hard but like what you said, you'll be here early next year, and we'll be there late next year for atsi's wedding!:)

I'll be seeing you though in 2 weeks!:) Much kwentos, laughter, and chika's..and ofcourse SHOPPING!:) takecare!

watari said...

It is so nice to read family stories like yours. It is truly inspiring. With so many twists like Jenny's impending engagement to a caucacian, there is not a boring minute in the events of your family. There is even an emotional part when the parents are leaving from their visit which makes it look like a complete feel good movie! One day, you can write a book instead of a blog.

Junarakasa said...

Thanks for your comments dad and joyeee (am so looking forward to your coming over!!!).

Thanks too for the compliment, Watari. I don't know if I'm ready to write a book just yet but who knows??? =)

jml said...

Goodbyes are always sad. Like you said it is better to think of parting as only a brief interlude till the next time. We surely will be back before you know it and even more exciting is the thought that you may come home for a visit very very soon. That is an event really worth waiting for.