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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


These days I am quite concerned about the health of my grandfather. Guakong is in his early ninties and up till recently has been surprisingly strong, alert and independent. A couple of months ago, he was re-diagnosed with cancer (something he has kept at bay for several years now) and because of his advanced age, extensive chemotherapy did not seem like a viable option. Instead he has been on medication and has been receiving intensive doses of TLC from his round-the-clock nurses, caregivers, maids and family. In the beginning he seemed to be responding well - was in no pain, maintained his alertness, and could move around on his own. It helps that my guakong is a very health-conscious person (loves fruits and vegetables, is up to date on all the latest health trends, stays away from all things "bad" - drinking, smoking, gambling, staying up late, and eating salty, fatty and sugary food). Guakong is also a very well-educated and cultured man - his opera and classical music collection is extensive, he has books with topics ranging from China's political history to horticulture, and his gardens have always been awe-inspiring as he grafted and grew his own orchids and plants. I have also always found him very knowledgeable in so many topics and he has always been the family proponent when it comes to further education.

A couple of days ago, my guakong was diagnosed with pneumonia which has resulted in him being confined to the hospital. I've heard from my parents and sister that he is so weak and frail these days. He has no appetite for anything - not even his favorite fruits and soups. Because he is cooped up in the hospital (and wants to go home), he has been short-tempered and easily irritated. I really feel terrible knowing he is going through a tough time. And of course when someone we love is suffering, the rest of us are very much affected too. I can only imagine what my mom, my aunts and uncles, my guama and everyone else around him are going through. I am sure they must be worried, tired and anxious too. I myself am worried about guakong and I feel quite helpless being away from home as well. Not that I could really do much if I were back home but at the very least I would take time out be with him in the hospital and indulge him with his favorite shark's fin soup as often as he wants it. I am hoping Jojo and I can go home soon so we can see him and spend some time with him too. I know my guakong will get through this and I pray that he will do so without pain, stress and too much difficulty. Take care and be well, guakong - we love you and are praying for you. My prayers and thoughts are with you and the rest of the family as well.


jol said...

My father in law is fortunate that all his children showers him with daily dosage of tender loving care. I continue to hope and pray for his early recovery.

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