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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


This year Father's Day and my mom's birthday sort of fell on the same day ... well, technically father's day was the 15th and my mom's birthday is on the 16th ... but because of time differences ... both these days were celebrated yesterday.

I've said it over and over again. One of the biggest drawbacks of living abroad is not getting to celebrate special occassions with loved ones back home. I would have loved to be home to greet my dad and mom in-person ... but had to settle for sending my dad a box of assorted gourmet cupcakes and my mom a beautiful arrangement of flowers and fruits.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! And Happy Birthday, Mom! I don't say it often enough but I love you both very much. I am extremely grateful for everything you have done (and continue to do for me). Your support, encouragement and guidance have gotten me to where I am today and continue to get me to where I am destined to be. I am so glad that living 10,000 miles away has not made us feel separated and distant but has in many ways brought us even closer than when I lived back home. I'd like to think that it is because today, we not only share a parent and daughter relationship, but a friendship as well.

I know that parents always want what is best for their kids. They work extra hard and make sacrifices just to give their kids happiness. But I have to say that you both went above and beyond that. You have not only provided us with everything we needed materially (take note the key word is "needed" not "wanted"!). But more than that we were never lacking in emotional, spiritual, mental and psychological gifts as well. It's true that we do not have a choice as to what family we are born into or who are parents will be. Which means I must have done something pretty fantastic in my past life to have been born into your family!

Thanks again, mom and dad, for showing us what a real family and love means. I am so excited for the day Jojo and I start our own family for two reasons: One because I'm so excited for us to become parents so I can start passing on all our traditions. And two, because I know you both will make awesome grandparents!

Me with the parentals in front of the Seattle Public Library (Nov. 2007)


astro boy said...

You are indeed extremely fortunate for having such great parents. You have the unique opportunity of learning all you can and leveraging on their knowledge and experience. Not everyone can impart real knowledge to their children. You are a good daughter as you recognize and appreciate all your blessings.

jol said...

I am very lucky and proud to have you as my daughter. You have not only given me love and respect but have extended this to all your siblings as well. Frankly, I am very eager to be a grandfather soon.

leslie Ty said...

I totally agree that you are very BLESSED to have such a great parents... =)

We've been friends for more than 25 years and i've known Uncle James and Auntie Judy ever since... they've treated me like a daughter too!

I still remembered joining your family for mass and dinner when we were in high school...they always made me feel na i'm part of your family.
Especially when i joined your family in the US for your wedding and honeymoon....i had soooo much fun! =)

Joanne said...

I agree, Les. My folks always treated you like family cause you look like Atsi (you guys look more like sisters than she and I do!). Not to mention your mom and mine could pass as sisters too =)

jml said...

Your father and I have been very blessed with you and all your siblings. No parent can be happier and prouder of their children as we are of all of you.

Anonymous said...