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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today is Jojo's 40th birthday. "Happy Birthday, NI". Wishing you the best cause you deserve it. Thanks for being my family, my best friend, my partner in crime, my no. 1 fan, my rock, and my inspiration. I love you very much. And P.S. - you don't look 40 ... not at all =)

There have been so many things going on that I haven't had time to blog about everything. The last few days have been a mix of good and not so good stuff. Here's a quick rundown of what's been going on with me:

Good Stuff:
- We've finally booked our trip to Manila. I will be flying home on Dec. 10 while Jules and Jojo will be flying home on Dec. 17. All of us will be taking the Jan. 4 flight back to L.A. I am so, so EXCITED to be going home. (Interestingly enough, my friend Jeff, has pointed out that even after living abroad for the last 7 and ½ years, I still refer to Manila as "home").
- My dad has super generously offered to pay for our tickets.
- Looking forward to my mom and sister arriving in 2 weeks time. It will be great having them here to plan Atsi's wedding. Then my entire family will be here in October for the wedding and a grand family reunion (our last one was back in May '06). I think we are going to the Grand Canyon this year.
- My hubby's 40th birthday is today and we've been planning his birthday events all week: Thursday night (dinner with immediate family), Friday night (dinner with co-workers and friends), Saturday night (dinner with the rest of the family and other friends). Plus we ordered his massage chair and can't wait to try it out soon!
- Also other birthday parties this month: Dad's (25th), Justin (15th), Jay (17th), Maddie (21st).
- Had a great girl's night our dinner with friends last Friday. It was nice getting the chance to dress up, have cocktails, enjoy tapas, walk along the boardwalk and just talk the night away. It's been ages since I've had a chance to unwind like that.
- We finally found a good housekeeper. Gigi is a godsend. Although on the slow side (she is extremely thorough!), she does an excellent job and has such a great personality.
- My sister-in-law, Tracy, is having a baby any day now.

Not So Good Stuff:
- My grandfather passed away last Tuesday. He has been ill for a long time and has been very weak his last few days. We are sad to lose such him but also glad to know he is now at peace and with God.
- Last week, I had to lay off my assistant. Putting it mildly, he was not very efficient and not very effective. We gave him so many chances but his performance and attitude simply did not change. Even if I was determined to let him go, it was not easy for me to do. I have never ever had to terminate anyone and it was extremely uncomfortable and difficult for me to do.
- Being incredibly BUSY with work (and not having an assistant to help me).
- Our garage renovation has been so delayed. Our plan was to get the flooring done on the July 4th weekend and the cabinets done on the July 12th weekend. Well, the company we ordered the flooring materials from informed us just a few days ago that the shipment was delayed to July 16. Which means we can only start work this weekend (the 19th). Worse we have a party at home on the 18th (one of Jojo's birthday dinners), so all the stuff from the garage we carried inside the house have to be brought back to the garage for the party. Then afterwards carried back in for the floor to be set. We are talking about a whole garage-full of stuff!
- Not yet losing weight for Atsi's wedding. But now I have a double-incentive (losing weight for Atsi's wedding and our homecoming!).

So the last two weeks have been BUSY and have gone by in a blur. Hopefully time speeds up some more so we can get to the things I am looking forward to the most!


jol said...

I missed reading your blog; it is good that you found time to write again. May I take this opportunity to wish Jojo a very very Happy Birthday and may he always have the very best in life. We are all so eager to welcome all of you home during the holidays.

astroboy said...

I hope you have a grand time when you visit Manila. Happy birthday Jojo.

Anonymous said...