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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Heat is ON!

Man! Today was H-O-T! I can't believe that last week temperatures were in the lower 70's during the day and the upper sixties at night. And this week, barely 5 days later, LA hit triple digit highs! Torrance was in the low 90's - which is horrid! I mean, really, it is just beyond bizarre!

Today was so hot and the worst part was our school's air conditioning unit was acting weird. For some reason, it would blow out air that was neither cold nor hot. But since our side of the building faces the morning sun, the billowing not-hot-but-not-cool air started turning warm. It was the kind of dry heat that makes you want to just sit down, do nothing and maybe take a nap. Of course, we all took that as a sign that we could take things easy ... which prompted the Dean to call the air conditioning repair team ... fast! The whole thing was fixed before we could even start to really slack off. Too bad! Haha.

Anyway, my poor husband. Jojo had two of his wisdom teeth extracted last night ... so technically today was his first day of recovery and he had to do it in this awful heat! Luckily he's been taking Vicodin and Ibuprofen - which just make him want to nap and oblivious to the heat!

I miss the cool, temperate weather of Southern California. Especially for us (we live by the beach), we are blessed with year-round comfortable weather. I just wish this heat wave would be over and we could get back to cooler temps - soon!


joyeee said...

Aww....too bad!!! I so love California weather too!:) Here, its getting a bit cooler...with all the rains and typhoons coming! haha:) But our summer was just terrible! The heat was unbearable! glad its over now...:) Looking forward to the "ber" months!!!

Auntie Lillian said...

We're having super hot weather here in the valley, Joanne. The past four days, we had triple digit temperatures. We feel blessed to be able to stay inside a cool house. I really feel bad for the people who have to work outside and the homeless. Hope Jojo is feeling much better.