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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Health Issue

They say that during pregnancy most health issues are grossly heightened. For example, while on the family way, you are more susceptible to catching a cold and when you do, chances are the symptoms are much more severe. The same can be said for many other health issues. I should know since in the last few months, I have been to so many new doctors offices and have met with so many specialists for a variety of medical issues. I've been to my general practictioner countless times for the usual reasons. I've met with my OB-GYN regularly. I've met with a gentic OB-GYN a number of times for genetic counselling. I've seen a dermatologist for my hair issues and my hormone imbalance. I've visited two endocrinologists to get their opinions on my Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome. I've seen my eye doctor to get my vision checked this year and also my dentist for regular cleanings. I've also met with PAs (Physician Assistants) to monitor this and that - as well as a dozen or so lab technicians for countless blood, urine and glucose level tests. Not to mention meeting with medical technicians and nurses to monitor Beanie's fetal movement (or rather lack of movement!).

Today, I have to add a new "specialist" to my list. I have an appointment tomorrow to meet with a otolaryngologist. Doesn't that sound scary!? Actually I'm just meeting a ear, nose and throat specialist. As a result of my horrible cold about 3 weeks ago, I have a severely plugged up left ear. It's been on-going for almost a week. I thought if I waited it out, it would clear itself up. But apparently, it has not. Infact lately it seems to have gotten worse. I don't feel any pain at all and I can still hear out of my left ear. But it is so clogged up that I sort of feel I'm hearing things from inside a deep-sea tunnel. It's more irritating, if anything. So anyway, I saw my general practitioner today and she tried to irrigate it with warm water. No help at all. So I'm off to see a more highly trained ear doctor.

Every time I tell my husband about a new doctor I am seeing, he teases me about becoming a semi-hypochondriac. Well, maybe I am. But I firmly believe that it is better to be safe than sorry! Espcially now that I am pregnant, I think it is better to go see specialists to make sure that everything is going well and that nothing is done to harm our baby. All I can say is "thank god we have medical insurance and that I opted to take the PPO plan!". Here's hoping tomorrow's doctor visit goes well =)


joyeee said...

will pray that everything is well and that you regain you sense of hearing in your left ear!!!:) yeah, better safe than sorry...:) take care dets!!!
P.S. Emailed you the other day but I'm not sure if you're getting my emails. hehe :)

Junarakasa said...

Joybert, I CAN HEAR CLEARLY NOW. Seriously - after my ear cleaning at Dr. Tian's - I have acquired super sonic hearing! =) I don't need that monitor they use to listen to the baby's heartbeat anymore. I can hear Beanie's heartbeat on my own since my hearing is beyond that of a super hero's na. Haha. Sige na nga, medyo exaggerated na =)

Anonymous said...

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