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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sixth Letter

Dear Beanie,

I think now is as good a time as any to start calling you by your name. After much thought, a voting process rivaling that of the last presidential elections, and guidance from higher powers ... we have decided to name you JAMIE GABRIELLE.

As you may know by now, you are going to be named after your paternal grandfather, James. It is an honor to be named after my dad since he was (or rather IS) the best dad one could ever hope to have. He was (IS) super brilliant, super giving, super funny, and understanding to almost a fault. He was (IS) well-liked by almost every one who meets him and has the unique tendency to be the life of any party. He was (IS) my inspiration to do many of the things I've done or still hope to do in my life. I just know that naming you after him would make him so happy and proud. And I know it would make you that much closer to him too and give you the chance to have him as part of your life as well. I am sure you will be just as special and just as loved as he was (IS).

Your second name, Gabrielle, is after the guardian angel, Gabriel. I've been praying to him to keep you safe during your conception and as you were growing in my belly. I know he has been your protector all this time as well as throughout your life. Angel Gabriel was also the angel that delivered the special news to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The news that through a divine miracle, she would be the mother of Baby Jesus. Your dad and I thought, that since you are our miracle baby too ... Angel Gabriel surely had a hand in sending that special news to us as well. I hope you come to love your name as much as we do. Such a beautiful and special name for an already beautiful and special little angel.

Jamie, last Wed, your dad and I went for my now bi-monthly check up at Dr. Chen's office. All is well. You are developing beautifully and I am thankful you are much more active these days. I constantly feel your little jabs and kicks more regularly. I also feel you tossing and turning in my belly. It's all very reassuring to me even when they sometimes happen at the most inopportune times. For example, last week, you were thumping away (pretty loudly and pretty strongly) during a management meeting I was sitting in on. My co-worker nudged me to show me that he could see my belly vibrating through my shirt! Also, two days ago, I was giving a workshop for about 65 people and while in the midst of my lecture, you chose the time to start wiggling around. I just hope no one noticed my belly was undulating =) But sometimes, it's quite cute too. You move around a lot when I turn up the car radio or when I'm lying in bed and reading. I sometimes stop and just stare at my belly and imagine you are amusing yourself in there.

Dr. Chen did share with us that your due date which we all thought was on March 28 has now been moved to March 30. It's not a big deal really but I was a bit disappointed since any delay in meeting you can do that to me! But Dr. Chen assures me, you could come any day between March 15 or April 15 (two weeks before or after my due date). I am honestly a little nervous about that but the anxiety is definitely overshadowed by the excitement and happiness at meeting you face-to-face. I am just super duper glad that your Auntie Joy and your Grandma Judy will be here to help out during my last month until your first two months (at the very least). Of course, your dad's family is all set to pitch in too!

Lately, I've been reading a lot of baby books and we've signed up for a lot of baby classes. Your dad and I want to make sure we are as prepared as we can be (although we both know that there's no way to be really, really prepared!). We just like to think we are getting a headstart. =)

Also, your baby shower is coming up. I'll share more on that later. But it looks like it is shaping up to be a pretty special event. I am sure you'll have fun as the "guest of honor" even if technically you are not yet due to show up for that event =)

Take care, Jamie G, we love you so much and can't wait to hold you in our arms =)


joyeee said...

awww...what a beautfiul letter!:) I love the name...and I did vote for that too!:) see you soon Jamie:)

Junarakasa said...

Thanks, Auntie Joy! I'm so excited to see you soon too. I just know you'll teach me all the latest fashionista tricks! But pagaling ka na ha? So you won't make me hawa with your sore throat =) Love, Jamie G.

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