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Monday, February 07, 2011

Beanie's Baby Shower

So, we had the baby shower last Saturday and it was AWESOME. I was really touched at how my in-laws and family came together to make this day extra, extra special. We had it at the Activity Room at the Carson Park Sports Complex. This was a great idea since the room was spacious enough for guests, there were enough tables and chairs for at least 60 people, and we didn’t have to do any major preps or clean ups! My sisters-in-law and my sister, Jenny, prepared lot of good food. There was a huge selection of merienda-style finger food. We had appetizers (chips & dip, and cheese & cold cut trays). We had hot food (boneless chicken wings, lumpia shanghai, Swedish meatballs, and two kinds of cocktail sausages). We also had cold food (tuna salad sandwiches, turkey and cheese sandwiches, and ham roll ups). And then there was dessert (we had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, cream puffs and mini ├ęclairs). There was soda, juice and bottled water too.

The party officially started at 2:00 PM but my family was there by 1:00 to help decorate the room. We hung streamers, tied balloons on chairs, hung banners announcing “It’s a Baby Girl” and “We’re Having a Baby Shower”, posted baby murals on the walls, and created mini table centerpieces. Everything was done in shades of yellow and pink. We also set up paper plates, cups and napkins in the same shades and with a baby animal theme (which is the motif for Jamie’s nursery). My brothers-in-law set up the sound system so we could play nursery songs in keeping with the theme.

Guests started arriving a little past two and we had a good turnout. I had originally invited about 80 people, 66 confirmed they were coming, and the actual turnout was about 60 people. Not bad. I was really glad too at the mix of folks who came. My good friend, Karen (from grad school) came with her family – we hadn’t seen each other in almost year! Carol (my boss from 2 jobs ago) also stopped by. Zuly, who is actually Jules’ friend but now a friend of the family was also there. Co-workers from Chinatrust and from my current job also joined the fun. Even my former assistant, Peggy, who I have not seen in 2 years was there. Jojo’s IT staff was there in full force, along with their wives. We also had family friends and neighbors share the special day with us. Atsi Jenny and her friends came too. And of course there was family.

We started with eating (of course) and then played lots of games. First we had a diaper raffle which was won by Atsi’s friend, Gunita. Then our first game was who could drink apple cider out of a baby bottle the fastest – we had 5 male volunteers for this game. The winner was my brother-in-law, Mark. There was a lot of good natured teasing throughout the game. Then we had the second game (this time for the ladies) where they had to fish out baby safety pins from a bowl filled with rice while blindfolded. Not as easy as it sounds! The winner was Rebecca (my co-worker) but Atsi was a close second! Then we had the Baby Word Scramble where guests worked in teams to unscramble baby words. The winner was our family friends - Dennis, Dex and Mye’s team (I think it helps that Mye just had a baby 3 months ago so she knew all the words!). It was funny how competitive everyone was – the room actually went silent as everyone worked on the words! Next we played “Guess the Baby Food Flavor”, we had 12 flavors of Gerber baby food and guests had to taste it and determine what they were eating. Jojo’s assistant, Phi and his wife, Katie won that game. They were really good and fast! Everyone did say most baby food flavors tasted gross though – especially number 8 which was mashed up beef and beef gravy! Next we played “Hep, Hep Hooray” first round with the kids and then round two with the adults – my nephew Jorel won the kids round then Peggy won the adults round. Last game of the day was who could say “It’s a Baby Girl” the longest – we thought my co-worker, Faten was the winner (she had 27 seconds) beating out about 10 other contestants but the last competitor was my boss Osei who took the grand prize with 34 seconds! Everyone was a great sport though even though there was a lot of heckling and teasing during all the games. I am also grateful cause my in-laws and Atsi supplied such awesome prizes for all the winners.

After that, my nieces performed several song and dance numbers that had the crowd cheering them on. They were adorable and were a definite hit. Pretty soon it was already 5:00 and guests started leaving. Luckily my in-laws stayed and helped clean up. We left at around 5:45 and headed to our place to open presents and eat all the leftovers. I have to say that seeing everyone, celebrating Beanie’s arrival with so many family and friends, and just having an afternoon of fun was GREAT. But as a bonus, Beanie got a TON of AWESOME gifts. And by a ton, I mean, she really hit the jackpot! We got so much stuff that after my brothers-in-law carried it into the nursery, the whole room was filled with gift bags and gift boxes. I was really touched. Even guests who could not make it (like some of my high school friends, some of Jojo’s former co-workers, and some aunts and uncles that are not here) sent gifts. It took me a while to open all the gifts even if I had help.

I truly am so, so grateful to everyone who shared in our special day. To those who were here and to those who were with us in spirit, a GREAT BIG THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!



leslie ty said...

awww....can't wait to see the pics =)

Congrats to the organizers of the shower...wish I can be there to help out =(

Will make bawi when I visit you =)

joyeee said...

wow!!!!!!!!! what a cool baby shower:) I love the games!!! while reading your blog, I can imagine taking part in some of them! hehe I'm glad everything worked out well.... thank you to ats and your sister in laws! soon i'll be there too! maybe there should be a post delivery shower too! haha les and I can plan it naman!:) wow, jamie would really be happy with all her gifts!!!:) congrats again! see u soon!

Junarakasa said...

Hi Les and Joy: Yes, I super wish you both were here too. I am sure you both would have been excellent baby shower organizers too =) No worries ... I'm sure there will be many more parties we can plan together =)

joyeee said...

yes yes yes! i am so excited! hahaha:) There will be many picture taking I can assure you that! haha Thank you to atsi and your sister in laws for doing such a great job!:) can't wait to see the pics!!!

leslie ty said...

hahaha!!! I can imagine dets getting tired of all the pictures we are going to take in case we're there... =) so Jo...better prepare yourself when we go and visit you =)

joyeee said...

yup yup! prepare!!!

Jin said...

If I were there, it would be great! :) I can't wait for the pics!!!!

Junarakasa said...

@Jin: Wish you were here too =( You should definitely come visit soon! Our 10th year graduation anniversary is in a few months. Can you believe it??? =) BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my closest friends! =)