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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ninth Letter

Dear Jamie G,

This week is your 38th week. It's literally any day now. Everyone who sees me says I am now "carrying low" which means you are in position to make that grand entrance ... we could not be any more excited!!!

Your Auntie Joy and Grandma Judy arrived last week. So did your Auntie Jenny. Between your three "fairy godmothers", there has been so much hustle and bustle as we prepare for your arrival. Your room is spotless (and I mean spotless!). You could probably eat off the floor if you wanted to - it is THAT clean. Your closets and drawers are sparkling (Auntie Jenny has done wonders making sure they are pristine). Auntie Joy had wiped down your crib and bassinette. I know that we'll spend many times burping on them, spilling things and changing dirty diapers on them - but for now, it would be hard to find a single germ on any of your room's immaculate surfaces. Grandma Judy has brought you so many nice things from Manila. My favorite is a paper mache mobile she got from Bangkok. It is a beautiful hanging decor with lots of little bunnies (to celebrate the fact that you will be born in the Year of the Rabbit). You also got so many wonderful presents from family and friends from back home. I wish you could see all your beautiful things =)

As if that were not enough, today we went shopping for some more items to complete your wardrobe. We got the essentials, of course. But aside from that list, your Grandma Judy insisted on getting you an additional 24 (yes, you read that right - TWENTY-FOUR) brand new outfits. Honestly, I don't know when and where you will wear all of them! Most of your clothes are for 0-3 month olds and we don't want to keep bringing you out till you are at least 2 months old. So I guess we'll just have to do fashion shoots and pictorials at home to make the most of your beautiful new clothes! You sure are a lucky, lucky and soon-to-be very fashionable little baby.

Yesterday was my last day at work. It was bittersweet. While I am happy to get time off (it's been harder to walk around and actually work 8-hour days), I was also sad since everyone has been extra nice to me lately and it sure felt like I was leaving my family and close friends. My team took me out for shabu-shabu and when we came back they threw me a mini baby shower with all my other co-workers in the staff lounge. I was a bit emotional (as usual) and promised everyone I would come back to visit with you (since everyone is so excited to get to meet you). I am scheduled to go back to work in September (that gives us plenty of time to be together, my dear baby girl, before I head back to work).

Auntie Joy is planning her wedding for next year and we have already been talking about your flower girl dress for that special day. I am so sure you will be the world's cutest and most adorable flower girl!!! I am already being teased for being such a stage mother =) Hopefully by then, you will already be able to walk down the aisle on your own and your daddy and I will proudly watch from the sidelines. If you are not yet ready, no worries, your daddy and I will take your hands and walk along with you. Just as in any other time in your life, my dear Beanie, you can trust that we will either be close by and cheering you on ... unless you need us to hold your hand and walk beside you.

Be well, my darling Jamie G. We love you.


les said...

hey you know that I check oyur blog everyday...since i'm waiting eagerly for Jamie's grand entrance into this world...Can you ask Joy to let me know ASAP as soon as you give birth? =)

I'm sooooo excited =)

Junarakasa said...

Will do, Les! =)