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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Things to Do in 2012

It’s a New Year. And normally, time for new year resolutions. I’ve never been big on making resolutions – too much pressure to keep them and then feeling disappointed when I don’t. So instead of New Year Resolutions, I just call mine “things to do in 2012”.

Number one: be healthier. I was at the peak of healthy living when I was pregnant. I actually lost weight before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after pregnancy. Believe it or not, I was eating so much better and actually going to the gym regularly. But after maternity leave was over, I went back to work and to my old habits (poor food choices and not exercising). This year I need to be healthier – not just for myself but for my baby too.

Number two: find time to read. Of course, reading has taken a backseat to everything going on in my life. But the sad part is that even during my down time, I have not picked up a good book in such a long time. All this technology (Internet, Social Networks, television, video games, etc.) has corrupted my mind! I need to go back to the basics – and to what I love to do – read!

Number three: bring out the Ina Garten in me. We’ve recently had a kitchen renovation done and I now love my new kitchen. I must go back to making home-cooked meals. Lately we’ve been eating out a lot, taking out food, or cooking at home (but still relying heavily of prepared food from the grocery). My sister, Joy, has also been more active in the cooking department. I used to cook more before and would even document in pictures and posts my culinary adventures. I need to get back to cooking more (especially now that Jamie is starting to eat fruits and veggies).

Number four: enough with unnecessary spending. One of the things I love to do is putter around discount stores (Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods, Tuesday Morning are my faves!). Even if I don’t need anything new, I always end up buying something whenever I go. It’s almost like an addiction. I figure that in order to eliminate this habit, I need to stop going to the source! Therefore, I vow to only go shopping when I actually need something!

Number five: make an effort to make and meet friends. Since moving to the States, I’ve been very passive about making and maintaining friendships. It is very easy to fall into the standard “I’m so busy” lifestyle. And while being busy is a fact of life here, I still need to make a conscious effort to foster relationships.

It goes without saying that in 2012, I’d like to be a better wife and mom. I’d like to have a healthier spiritual life. I’d like to do well in my career. And also, spend time with my family. I’d like to maintain my blog. And find time to learn something new. Hopefully the next 365 (actually I’m now down 4 days since today is January 4th), will allow me to do so!

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