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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Congratulations, Boo!

I am so proud of my (not-so) baby brother, Jim. Spoke to him, my dad, and my mom yesterday and found out that he got a job. And not just any old job. But a GREAT JOB, at a GREAT COMPANY (recognized both locally and abroad). And although he only graduated from college a month and a half ago, he has landed himself a GREAT POSITION (bypassing entry-level and is starting out as an officer already). Plus good pay, benefits, and mucho perks! I guess since it’s not really my news, I’ll wait till I have his permission before disclosing the details.

But suffice it to say, I am so PROUD and so HAPPY for him. Boo, you totally deserve this and I just know you will be a fantastic addition to the company. They are lucky to have you. You’ve impressed them with your background and interview – I can’t wait till you knock their socks off when you actually start working!

Have I mentioned the company is willing to wait for him – since right this minute he is on a plane with the rest of my family coming over to visit us here in L.A.? This just goes to show how brilliant my brother is – not only has he edged out the competition for the job, he has managed to convince the company to wait till he comes back from vacation! YAY! Though I just spoke to my brother, I can’t wait to see him tonight to give him a great big hug! :)

Congratulations, Boo! And congrats to my mom and dad too! Believe me when I say, that any success achieved by any of us is largely because of my dad and mom’s support, prayers, encouragement and the way they raised us. Dad, mom, you both deserve this happy time just as much as Boo. Oh and Jim, maybe the rest of us desrve some credit too? I know for sure that my Doodle-pad tutoring has something to do with the way you turned out! :)

So now, it’s one down, and three to go … I just know more good things are in-store for the rest of us “job searchers”.

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jol said...

And to top it all, Jim landed the job on his own. He refused any assistance offered him; he did very well in the series of interviews that took place late afternoon to about 9 pm of that day. I truly am so very proud of my son; he achieved what was my dream after my college graduation some 39 years ago.