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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I've been tagged again!

Before I post the second part of my family's first weekend here, I thought I'd reply to my friend, Jencc's tag.

Here are 6 WEIRD things about me ... (although as I've discovered, "weird" is relative ...):

1. I don't like the sun -- and any activity that involves being exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. Funny since I am from the Philippines (tropical country) and now reside in L.A. (sunny weather almost all the time). I enjoy overcast days, rainy days, and even tropical typhoons :)

2. I really like watching reality t.v. - it's my one guilty pleasure - from American Idol, to The Apprentice, to The Bachelor, even watched Joe Millionaire and The Bachelorettes in Alaska! I drew the line at Flavor of Love though! :)

3. I love staying in hotels. Not that this is such a "weird" fact since I guess many people enjoy this too. However in my case, I could consider staying in a hotel a "vacation" in itself -- does not matter if the hotel is 15 minutes from where I live. Afterall, if you only have a weekend to "get-away-from-it-all", why spend half the time driving/flying somewhere? I've even been known to go out-of-town and choose to stay in my hotel rather than sightsee. Something about the crisp, well tucked in sheets, the fresh and fluffy towels, and room service ... it's all good.

4. I will never buy anything for myself (other than food, I guess) at retail price. I'm all about discounts, sales, bargan hunting, and marked down prices! I feel too badly about blowing my hard earned money for goods that are marked up as high as 300%! (I worked in retail, so believe me, I know what I'm talking about).

5. (Like you Jencc), I also take super quick showers. "Guy showers" as you termed it. Usually 5 minutes - maybe 10 tops. Sometimes as I'm walking out of the bathroom with my hair dripping wet, my hubby will ask me if I showered or just washed my hair over the sink. Since he, on the other hand, takes incredibly long showers (sometimes half an hour long!).

6. Given the choice between a night on the town or staying at home, I would most likely, depending on the circumstances, pick "staying at home". I'd rather read a good book, entertain people at home, watch tv, and poke around the house. I'd pass up a party, going to a club, watching a concert, or any of the other "fun" things people my age would rather do. My friends used to kid me about being "an old person trapped in a young (well, now, maybe not-so-young) person's body".

FYI, on that note, the two things I do enjoy doing when I go out include trying new places to eat and watching movies/theater. (So, yes, I am an "old person trapped in a not-so-young person's body", although maybe not yet at the "watch the matinee and grab the early bird special" stage).

Okay, so those are 6 weird things about me. As for who I'd tag, if you are reading this, please consider yourself officially tagged!

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