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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Things are looking up ...

Here are just some things that I’ve been happy about lately…

  • Feeling MUCH, MUCH better today. Last night my hubby was teasing me about being so sick the last few days. First, I was having trouble seeing (the whole contact lens escapade), then I lost my sense of smell since I couldn’t breath properly (cause of my cold), then I was having trouble hearing properly (you know how your ears get clogged when you blow your nose too hard?), and I lost my sense of taste, had a hard time swallowing (cause of my sore throat), and lost my voice for a day and a half (which is torture for me!). So really in the last few days, I have lost all my 5 senses (didn’t really lose my ability to “feel”, on the contrary, cause of my back/chest/head aches, I was hyper sensitive, but it sounds more dramatic to say I “lost” my 5 senses). Anyway, I am MUCH, MUCH better thanks to my hubby’s TLC, antibiotics, and chicken soup!
  • My WHOLE family is arriving tomorrow night! I am so excited that last night I was having a hard time falling asleep just thinking about this. Tomorrow night the 8 J’s will be complete again.
  • Being sick the last few days has given me so much time to relax and de-stress myself. For the last 5 days I have not touched a single textbook, not done any job searching, not worried about a single client/presentation/deadline, not had to lift a finger to do any housework, not had to run any errands, not had to review for my certification exam, not had to check my voice mail/e-mail/snail mail. I just read books in bed, watched mindless tv, slept, and got pampered. So now that I am back at work, have a 2 pm client, have piles of things to finish on my desk, have a sales meeting in an hour, have to stop at the supermarket for food, have a group meeting for class at 5:30, and have a 3-hour class tonight, I am still stress-free.
  • Had two great interviews last week (for two separate but equally good positions) and today I heard back from one of them and have been asked to come in for the second round of interviews. My fingers are crossed!
  • We got a new stainless steel oven/stove and microwave (our old ones – the oven had rust on the inside, while the microwave had a small crack on the lower left side of the door – so they were actually hazardous to our health). My dad is convinced it is the micro-waves that have caused my bout with the flu! Anyway, I’m so excited to have mom’s home-cooked meals now that we have this new set. Am also excited to show my family that I’ve learned a few culinary tricks myself.
  • Just confirmed that one of my closest friends, Jeff, is visiting from Singapore and is staying with us over Memorial Day weekend. We’re meeting my friends Muriel, Ence, and Rich (who are from Connecticut) in Las Vegas in July. While there are plans to meet up with Gail, my best friend from elementary, and her family (from Vancouver) who are planning a trip to San Diego in the summer. And my high school girlfriends (from Manila) will be staying with us for two weeks in September.
  • It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday tomorrow (actually today - Manila time). “Happy Birthday, Mommy” from Jojo and myself. Hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead. We’ll see you soon (around June or July, right?).
  • I have two workshops scheduled for next week. I’ve never facilitated either topic so I’m a little nervous but at the same time very excited too. The client company has been great to work with before and my boss has been incredibly supportive in giving me all the materials I’ll need.
  • Tonight is my second-to-the-last HR Mgt. Class and my group is about 3/4s done with our final project (I’m done with my part) so that’ll be one less thing to worry about – plus now that I’ll soon have Wednesday nights free I’ll get to watch the American Idol results show.

Yup, things are looking up!


jol said...

I am so glad to hear that Jojo's tender loving care has done wonders to make you feel very much better. We all look forward to our family reunion; knowing that our facilitator will be at her best. Am so happy too to see the schedule of friends lined up to visit you in the coming months. Jojo and you are very wonderful hosts to everyone.

Sareet said...

Glad to hear things are looking good for you guys! Have an awesome time with you family!!

Anonymous said...

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