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Friday, July 14, 2006


Today is a bittersweet day. It is officially my last day here at this company that has been my home for the last 3 years. I’ve been so excited about finding a better job that I did not consider how sad I am to be leaving too. It’s always difficult to leave something that is familiar and comfortable, especially if it means leaving people who have been nothing but supportive and encouraging. Good-byes are always tough and I’ve never been particularly good at them.

At the same time, I’m excited too. New place to work, new people to meet, new challenges to face and so many things to look forward to. And yes, I’m a bit anxious too, as all of us are when faced with something new and different. I guess this is just a lot to take in for now.

Anyway, I’m done with packing up my stuff and closing down my office. I am done with turning over my responsibilities (although I may be in a few times next week to tie up a few loose ends). I am done with saying good-bye and promising to keep in touch. And so, I guess, it is time to go.

P.S. This is my last post from this computer. It saddens me to think that cause most of my last 100 posts were done here over lunch. Now I’ll have to start blogging from home more often since I am not sure what the policy is at my new place of work. :(


jol said...

Nothing is permanent; we live in a world that is full of changes.
If you did your best in your old job, you will leave an imprint that will not be forgotten even if you are long gone. You must work doubly hard in your new job to create a lasting good first impression.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joanne! Congrats! I'm super excited for you!! Mukhang taon nga ng mga Tiger careerwise. Look forward to the change. Change is always good. It's a step up in life ;) I'm sure hectic pero exciting yon at masaya. I just switched last June 12 and hectic pero enjoy talaga.


Joanne said...

Thanks Monse. Am excited but a bit nervous too. Congrats to you too! And yes, according to my horoscope, career is suppose to be good for Tigers this year. Next year, sana family naman! :) Haha.