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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Junarakasa's Story!

MY BLOG TURNS ONE TODAY! Yes, my dear, loyal readers (all 3 of you), I started my blog 365 days ago. My post then was not really anything earth-shattering – I was simply doing a dry-run to see if my post would work. My only comment then was from Sareet – who I owe a debt of gratitude to, since she was one of the catalysts who prompted me to blog in the first place. By the way, that first post did work. And for a year, it’s been working just fine. Let me take this time to thank everyone who has stopped by, read, commented on, and appreciated my posts. THANKS A LOT EVERYONE!

Incidentally, today was also my first day at work. It was a very typical first day. Started with an hour long orientation, LOTS of paperwork and forms to fill out, got my grand tour, met a lot of people, read the employee handbook, skimmed manuals, got my email/voice mail set up, got my parking pass, and my employee badge. Pretty standard stuff.

The people at work all seem very nice and I am pretty excited to be working in a more “corporate” set up again. Was assigned a pretty central work space, plus I got brand new office supplies (which I love). Have a pretty big “assignment” coming up and I have yet to really figure it out. To top it off, I’m still reeling from all the information I received today and have to learn a bunch of stuff too. It’s certainly been an exciting day, to say the least.

But the real highlights are:

- Leaving home at 8:05 and getting to work at 8:15 am.

- Lunch provided by the company (not just today, but every day - and not just one choice a day, but three!).

- Leaving work at 5:40 and getting home before 6 pm.

Once again, it’s really the little things that make me happy :)


jml said...

Cogratulations again! Your very interesting accounts of everyday life made it a joy to read your blog entries. Am looking forward to another year of great reading.

ElliottPreciousPants said...

Happy Birthday! One year!

jol said...

Your blog entries included many stories of your experiences including your views and opinions on a variety of topics. It was fun reading them; thank you for sharing all these. They provided me with insights into your character and personality. You are truly special. Congratulations!

Marc said...

Congratulations on both your blog's birthday and your first day at work! Nothing can beat the excitement one gets when first starting out at a company. Also, thanks for sharing the anecdotes of your life. Each entry is definitely an enjoyable read and I'm always looking forward to the next one! Keep up the more-than-excellent writing skills! =)

Joanne said...

Thanks JML, Elliott, JOL and Marc! It's been a great year too and I've really enjoyed posting. More than I thought I would :)

Sareet said...

Happy Birthay Blog! Glad you started blogging and are keeping it up!!