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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Happy Birthday, Joj

It’s been two days since my hubby’s birthday. Two days since the love of my life turned 38. (Although every one who knows him will attest to the fact that he does not look a day over 35)! I would have posted sooner but there has been so many things going on lately so I’ve had to postpone my post. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOJ! Best birthday wishes for the best guy in the world. Also, BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jay too (Jojo’s youngest brother). Both of them were born on the 17th, exactly 12 years apart.

Here’s a quick run down of what’s been happening the last few days. My last day at work was last Friday. I was really sad leaving the office and packing up my stuff made me quite nostalgic about the last 3 years. Jojo took me to dinner to “celebrate”.

Saturday was my niece (and now goddaughter), MJ’s baptism and after that lunch in Chinatown with family and friends. On our way home, Jojo and I were on the 110 Freeway when one of Silver’s (Our Honda CRV) tires blew up. Yes, blew up, literally just popped! So we were stuck on the shoulder of the carpool lane for half an hour under the scorching sun waiting for Triple A to get there. We could not change the tire on our own since, did I mention we were on the freeway? L.A. motorists do not slow down enough to let you get out and change your tire. We had to be escorted by the Highway Patrol to the opposite shoulder (yes, that was us who held up traffic while making the perilous trek to the other side). Jojo was wonderfully calm and level-headed, while I, with my mechanically-challenged abilities, was pretty content to sit in the shade and fan myself with an old magazine.

Sunday was Jojo’s birthday lunch at Thai Tiffany. It’s a hole-in-the-wall place that serves authentic thai food in a really cozy atmosphere – that is if you can find the place. I apparently give the world’s worst directions because everyone we invited got lost on the way there. Thankfully it was not a surprise party since I was the only one who would be on time to surprise the birthday boy!

Monday was Jojo’s actual birthday. I had so many plans for Jojo’s special day. But all of them he had vetoed one way or the other. He specifically stated “no surprises”, “no parties”, and “no fuss”. Yup, that’s so typical of my hubby and so opposite of what I would have wanted for my birthday. I planned an out of town trip but he could not get another day off from his busy work schedule. I planned on surprising him with a massage at The Massage Company (thanks to Sareet for her “suggestion”) but Jojo said he wouldn’t be comfortable with one. I planned a picnic at the pier but it was too hot. So, after surprising him with his presents, I had to give in to my hubby and do what he wanted – we spent the day shopping (Jojo was fixated on getting leather sandals) and lunched at Chili’s where he gave in to his cravings - grilled steak, baby back ribs, and garlic mashed potatoes (he was in heaven!). Spent the afternoon napping and watching dvds, and then had dinner at my SIL’s place to celebrate with family too.

Tuesday and today, my two days off, I’ve been spending running errands and getting ready for my first day of work at the new job. Speaking of the new job, I start Thursday (and not Monday as I originally thought). Turns out there is a huge board meeting mid-next week and they would like me to be more prepared for this so I am getting a two-day head start. There is no doubt I am excited about my upcoming job but I have to admit I am also very apprehensive too. Hopefully things go well.

So, the last few days have been crazy busy, but fun. And that’s why my post for my hubby’s birthday is quite delayed, but nonetheless, still heartfelt and sincere. Hope you had a Happy Birthday, Joj. Remember that I love you very, very much.


jol said...

I will take this opportunity to greet Jojo a belated Happy Birthday. He truly is a sweet but very simple man. Your no fuss celebration of his birthday may be a welcome change to the busy parties. Good luck on your first day of work--your preparation will definitely be appreciated by your boss.

j_8 said...

Thank you Hon for the gifts and for spending the day with me!