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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving and while this may sound cliché, I do have so many things I should be thankful for. Of course there are the big things – like a wonderful husband, an incredible family, great in-laws, true friends, a good home, stable jobs for me and Joj, good health (despite the occasional bouts of the flu), enough to live comfortably, and with savings in the bank too. I am truly blessed and truly fortunate.

And then there are the little things … I am thankful for the 4-day holiday off from work. I am thankful for Boston Market’s Roast Turkey Banquet for 12 that will allow me and our guests to enjoy a good dinner without having to labor over a hot stove. I am thankful for Costco’s Pumpkin Cheesecake – it is just scrumptious! I am thankful that Fall weather has finally come back to LA. I am thankful for Black Friday sales and a hubby who is willing to go shopping with me. I am thankful for my uncle, aunt and cousin who are arriving today to spend Thanksgiving with us. I am thankful that I am finally over that cough I’ve had for almost a month. I am thankful for my mom’s hot cider recipe that I will serve tonight (there will be at least one thing homemade for dinner tonight!). I am thankful for Macys, Kohls, and Crate and Barrel’s Xmas catalogue. I am thankful for having some free time to read emails and post blogs. I am thankful for upcoming holiday parties and get-togethers. I am thankful that I found the perfect pair of shoes to wear to my SIL’s upcoming wedding (finding silver sandals in stores during the Winter season is not as easy as we thought!).

The list goes on and on … but before I forget, I am very thankful for for those who take the time to read my blog. That means a lot to me :)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


jol said...

Happy Thankgiving to you, Jojo and Jules! On this day and everyday, we thank the Lord for all the things that He has brought you. For the happiness and the fun that everyone enjoys. And even for the sufferings and sacrifices that brought us closer to Him. I am happy that I have three of my children in the land of opportunity and three are here with me. My children are God's greatest gift to Judy and me.

jml said...

Thanksgiving is a lovely tradition, that gives us the time to pause and reflect and give thanks to all the things that we overlook and neglect in the daily rat race that is life. Enjoy your Thanksgiving day and be grateful.