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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tis the Season for Giving

I love Xmas and I’m all for the idea of starting the Xmas season as early as possible and ending it as late as possible. In Manila, Xmas is celebrated as early as October and can last all the way till February. I remember how back home we used to have our Xmas decors up for almost 4 months. It was always so beautifully done, hats off to my mom for creating such a wonderland every year. Family and friends used to come over and take pictures in front of our Xmas tree – that’s how pretty it was!

I think having 4-month long Xmas holidays is just great! After all, Xmas is just too much fun and just too exciting to limit to just one day of the year. Who says it's just a holiday for kids? It's for everyone! And since it brings about good cheer, gift-giving, Xmas carols, beautiful decorations, days off from work, family gatherings and good food, I say we should stretch it out as long as we possibly can!

For my hubby and I, today was officially the start of our Xmas season. Our season officially begins when we can officially cross off the first name on our Xmas list. And today, we got to cross off a few dozen names. Yay for us!

While that may not be such a great accomplishment, it is for us! I know some people who start their shopping as soon as the “For Sale” signs from the previous Xmas go up. I admire folks who get their Xmas shopping done early and avoid the rush as the season draws closer. There are those who are done with Xmas shopping as early as November and spend the days before Xmas shaking their heads at the crazy folks who make mad dashes to the mall! Every year I promise myself that I will be one of those folks who will get my shopping done ahead of time. For starters, I tell myself that every time I see something that I know someone on my list would like, I am going to get it and set it aside for Xmas. If I see a great shirt I know would look good on my dad, I’ll get it even if it’s the middle of July! But somehow, as with many good intentions, that just never happens. I mean, yes, I could find something so perfect for someone and buy it then and there. But I’m usually so excited to see their reaction that there is no way I can last 7 more months before giving it to that person. I'll probably end up giving that person the gift as soon as I run into him just because I know they will love it. I've been guilty of ruining several surprises that way.

And to further justify the madness, I think that one of the joys and traditions of Xmas is shopping for presents amidst the traffic, among the crowds, with the feeling of being rushed. That’s just what Xmas gift-giving is all about. Yes, it is absolutely the thought that counts – but I think, it’s largely the effort too! :)


jol said...

It truly is better to give than to receive and what better time to practice this than during christmas. It is a season of sharing your blessings with the less fortunate too. Christ was born on christmas day and He gave his life to save us all. That is the most supreme sacrifice which can serve as a model for all of us.

watari said...

I just admire people who can buy all their christmas gifts early. Shopping is not on my priority list. I probably go to the mall 3 times a year and everytime its because I need to get something done. Every year I panic shop for christmas gifts and I tell myself next year will be different only to end up with the same situation year after year. This is a good reminder for me to start looking for "regalos"!

jml said...

I am glad that your christmas is more than just the decors and fun. Indeed the true spirit of christmas is love, giving and sharing. Have you ever noticed that during this season of joy our thoughts are more on others than for ourselves. Remember that always and Christmas will always be in your heart no matter what time of the year it is.