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Sunday, February 04, 2007

An American Tradition

Today is Superbowl Sunday and many of my friends, co-workers and neighbors are glued to watching the 41st Superbowl game where the Colts will be playing the Bears. My hubby and my brother are watching the game right now (the Bears just scored the first touchdown!). We’ve joined many other families lining up at the supermarket this weekend while stocking up on munchies just for this game. I’ve marinated tenderloins for dinner to celebrate the winning team. And I’m prepped to join the guys for the halftime show to enjoy Prince’s performance and am looking forward to watching the awesome tv commercials that are just as important as the game itself.

This weekend we also had a bit of a dilemma with a leaky showerhead in the master’s bathroom. Not just an occasional drip but a steady stream of dripping water. Back home in Manila, I would have told my mom about the problem and she would have found a handyman who wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg. But given that I now reside in the States, finding a plumber on the same day, during the weekend, that wouldn’t cost as much as our monthly mortgage is next to impossible. And so we did what most people do, my hubby and I went on-line and googled “how to fix a leaky showerhead” – and tried our best to figure it out. So far we have identified shutting off the water pressure, dissolving the lime build up on the showerhead and tightening the screw where the showerhead attaches to the shower nozzle/water pipe as plausible solutions. We’ve considered all three, worked on the plumbing problem and have successfully stopped the dripping – at least for now. Our friend, Santiago, a local handyman will stop by on Monday to make sure the problem is taken care of and doesn’t recur.

I feel so “Americanized” right now. Who would have ever thought I could ever take care of a plumbing problem? But more importantly, who would have ever thought I would be spending a Sunday afternoon watching football?!


jml said...

"When in Rome do as the Romans do."
Adaption is the only way to survive and enjoy your new environment. Glad that you are doing the switch gracefully.

jol said...

You have adjusted quite well to the changing circumstance. You are having fun enjoying the american way of life and this include being resourceful and independent.

leslie Ty said...

galing Jo :) you're so have in you the Filipino, Chinese and American traditions :)

i can't believe you're watching SUPERBOWL !!! can't wait to tell Jogs...i'm sure he'll be equally surprised :)

Joanne said...

Well, to be honest, I didn't really watch the Superbowl game. I was reading most of the time and really just kept my eye out for the commercials :)

As for our plumbing problem, well, it looks like it's not the end of it ... yet ... more details to come on that.