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Friday, February 02, 2007

Book Finds!

My brother, Jules, gave me a Barnes & Noble giftcard for my birthday - which is really thoughtful since:
#1. I love Barnes and Noble; and
#2. I can get whatever I want.

So tonight, after dinner, my hubby and I spent our evening browsing the bookstore. I am so excited over the books I got. Here they are proudly displayed on my nightstand:

My first choice was a compilation of Jane Austen's books. I recently re-read an old worn out copy of Pride and Prejudice and remembered that I absolutely love the story of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. I am excited to read Ms. Austen's other popular novels (Sense and Sensibility, Emma) as well as her other lesser known books (Persuasion, Mansfield Park, etc).

My second pick was Living to Tell the Tale by Gabriel Garcia-Marquez. I am looking forward to reading the biography of the man hailed as the "most acclaimed and revered living Nobel laureate". If this book is half as haunting as One Hundred Years of Solitude - it should be well worth it!

Third, I had to get a copy of Nick Bantock's, The Golden Mean, which is the third book in the Griffin and Sabine trilogy. I first read these books in college after a friend introduced me to this intriguing story. Since then I have been a huge fan and have had the books on my wish list for as long as I can remember. My SIL gave me the first book (Griffin & Sabine) for my birthday last year and now I have the third one. I'll be keeping my eyes open for the second book (Sabine's Notebook) now that I have the other two.

Lastly, The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell just because I have heard it is so much like The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown - which I enjoyed as well.

I'm so excited about my new books that I am not sure which one to read first. I actually feel a little bit giddy - like a kid at Christmas who opens up tons of gifts and is not sure which toy to play with first. I've always considered that two my favorite feelings include the excitement of finding a good book and the anticipation of reading that book's first line. Many times I am so excited that I have to deliberately pace myself and force myself to read slowly since when starting a new book I tend to rush through the lines.

I know it may seem weird to some. But to me reading has always been a comfort and a place where I can totally relax. And even if I am way too busy these days with work (and not really sure I have the time to read these wonderful book finds), just having them on my nightstand, waiting to be read, is enough to comfort me.


leslie Ty said...

Hi Jo,

Since i'm just Harry Potter reader, can you suggest which of those book will interest me? :) i love the Da Vinci Code too...please tell me if the Rule of Four is worth reading :)

enjoy your books!

leslie Ty said...

by the way, maybe you can do a book review on your blog :) hehehe....just like high school :) Ms. Sia and Ms. Que will be so proud of you :)

jol said...

I used to love reading when I was young. It does stimulate your imagination and is often more entertaining than watching a movie. Still believe that books are good investments!

Joanne said...

Hi Les,

I would definitely suggest the Griffin & Sabine books. The storyline is interesting but what I love best is the way the story is told - thru the postcards and letters written by the title characters.

As for The Rule of Four - heard it is a darker version of The Da vInci Code. Will let you know what I think of it soon.

I used to do "book reviews" (ala book reports on my blog. Maybe I will one of these days and hopefully our English teachers stumble across them :)

leslie Ty said...


Will definitely get hold of Griffin and Sabine....

Can't wait to read your book reviews :)

Sareet said...

Oh gosh Persuasion is the BEST! It literally makes my heart aaaache and it's the type of book that I wish I could relive reading it for the first time.

Have you read Love in the Time of Cholera? That's excellent.

Have been out of the blogloop of late - glad to see you've been posting!!