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Saturday, February 10, 2007


Yesterday one of my co-workers forwarded me an email version of a slumbook.

For those of you who do not know what a slumbook is, it can only mean two things.
Number 1: You did not attend an all-girl school in the eighties and nineties.
And number 2: You do not know someone who did!

My grade school and high school days are filled with many wonderful memories - one of which was passing around, writing in, and giggling over slumbook entries. My girlfriends will know what I'm talking about!

Remember how we used to pass slumbooks around (everyone had them!), where we would write down our personal information in bright multi-colored, scented pens. We'd list our favorites (from hobbies to movie actors, to boy bands), how we defined love, who our crush was, and then write a dedication to the slumbook owner peppered with all these acronyms (I.T.A.L.Y. - I Trust And Love You; J.A.P.A.N. - Just Always Pray at Night; and my personal favorite T.C.C.I.C. - Take Care Cause I Care!). Hilarious!

In the spirit of those memories - here are my answers to the slumbook email I received. If you guys have the time, please fill your version out and post it in your blog or email me a copy. It's a great way to pass a few minutes and re-live a few good memories.

Name: Joanne
Named after anyone? No
If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Yes, absolutely!
Do you have a journal? No, but I do have a blog.
If you were a crayon, what color would you be? There are days when I feel like I’m a “Red” and other times maybe a “Deep Blue”.

What are you wearing right now? Long sleeved sweatshirt, pajama bottoms, socks (it’s Saturday morning!)
Last thing you ate? Breakfast (coffee and half a red bean bun from JJ Bakery)
Sounds you hear right now? Food Network’s Barefoot Contessa which is on tv right now.
Last Movie you watched? Date Movie – which was hysterical.
Last Book You Read? The Golden Mean by Nick Bantock

Summer or Winter? Winter
Coffee or Tea? Coffee
Paper or Plastic? Paper
Hugs or Kisses? Hugs
Hundred Friends or Five Really Good Ones? I’ll take the five any day!!!

Favorite Hobbies: Reading; Sleeping In; Entertaining; Browsing bookstores, swap meets and farmers markets; Trying new restaurants; Blogging; Traveling; Taking day trips around Southern California; Channel surfing; Internet surfing.
Favorite TV Shows: Talk shows like Ellen De Generes’, Jon Stewart's, Jay Leno's; Food Network shows (Giada De Laurentis, David Irvine and Tyler Florence); HGTV design shows; Sitcoms; Monk; House; and sappy Lifetime movies.
Favorite Food: my mom’s cooking especially her version of Caesar salad; dimsum; pesto pasta; paella; tapas; Indian and Thai curries; tuyo and sinangag; spicy buffalo wings; and freshly made tortilla chips and salsa … (I could go on and on).
Favorite Books: Little Women, Memoirs of a Geisha, Pride and Prejudice, The Joy Luck Club, The Ya-ya Sisterhood Series, Blink, Like Water for Chocolate, Griffin and Sabine, Empress Orchid, The Tipping Point, Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, I'm drawing a blank on the others.
Favorite Songs:
I’m not really a music lover – but I like Broadway classics and most of the music my hubby plays.
Favorite Scent: freshly cut grass, newly fallen rain, laundered sheets fresh from the dryer, and the freshly picked lavenders and lemons from our garden.

Best Memories: my wedding and honeymoon (Dec. 2004); Disneyland with my whole family (May 2006); Hong-Kong trip with my high school girlfriends – my first trip abroad with just my friends! (Summer 1998? Or was it 1999?); my eighteenth birthday (Jan. 1993); the first time I walked into this house and knew it was home (May 2004).
Best Things To Shop For: shoes & bags, books, jewelry, stuff for our home, and baby clothes!
Best Way to Spend a Perfect Sunday: Sleeping in, Enjoying a leisurely brunch, Long drive to an out of the way farmer’s market, Getting a relaxing massage and having my nails done, Cooking with my hubby, Having friends and family over for dinner, and Relaxing in bed with a good book before calling it a day.
Best Use of a $100.00: Date night with my hubby – dinner, a good movie, and dessert afterwards.
Best Things in Life: A happy family, true friends, being at peace, good food, good health, and having just enough to be comfortable but with room to still want to strive for more.


jol said...

I must confess that I too had something like a slumbook when I was a teenager. I personally prepared the questions for my friends to answer on individual sheets so that I can get the specific information that I wanted from each one. All these sheets were then bonded together for my regular reading. Enjoyed the acronyms that you mentioned in your blog.

jml said...

I also enjoyed those slumbooks during my high school days, and I was a generation ahead of you. I wonder if the young girls in convent schools still pass this around. Anyway those were the fun years and even as we just celebrated our ruby anniversary from high school and soon approaching our golden jubilee, some of my classmates have retained and kept those precious slumbooks that contain the hopes and dreams of our yesteryears. What memories!

leslie Ty said...


i remebered those slumbooks! :) there were so many funny answers like :

Who's your first love : SECRET
What's your favorite food : Too many to mention

wish we kept a copy'll be super funny to read them :)

TTFN ! (Ta Ta For Now! ) :)

Joanne said...

This just proves it - slumbooks are universal and timeless! :)

Les, we should dig up our slumbooks. I am sure we'd have so many good laughs over them. I remember the "too many to mention" phrase - sobrang overused!