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Sunday, April 08, 2007

LA County Museum of Natural History

After being inspired by the movie “Night at the Musuem”, Jojo and I decided to spend our Saturday exploring the Los Angeles County Musuem of Natural History. We’ve passed the museum building on Exposition Park a number of times and decided that to truly be considered residents of L.A., we should at least visit this landmark.

So, that’s how we spent our Saturday. Together with our nephews, Jorel and Elroy, we explored Exposition Park, had lunch at the museum café, took in the exhibits, and roamed the Rose Garden and the playground on either side of the museum.

Jojo and the boys sitting by the museum steps.

Here we are by the African Mammals exhibit. My nephews have this habit of making goofy faces every time we take a picture.

This is the hall of dinosaurs. The kids were in awe of the huge dinosaur figures! I was so worried they would climb the ropes and knock the whole thing down!

The beautiful Rose Gardens. Here's our nephew, Elroy, who was always 10 steps ahead of us! Jojo's workout for the day was chasing after him :)

Jojo, Jorel and Elroy relaxing with snowcones by the Butterfly Exhibit which opens in a couple weeks.

Our last stop. My handsome nephews hit the playgrounds!

It was a pretty good day. I would recommend stopping by these sights if you have time to kill while in L.A. and if you enjoy museums. Otherwise, you could probably find many other more interesting things to do in this city. The museum was generally okay (some parts more than others) and can pretty much hold the attention of an 8 year old and a 4 year old for about an hour and a half (two hours if you provide exaggerated narratives about the exhibits - like I did!). Beyond that, chaperones are on their own!


jol said...

Must be quite an experience touring a museum with your nephews! You certainly did a great job getting their attention for a whole two hours.

jml said...

It is not to difficult to imagine those 2 young boys as your sons. What a fantastic mom you would make.