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Sunday, April 22, 2007


My hubby is one happy camper today. He finally has a Nintendo Wii. He’s been wanting one since last Christmas when the game station first came out. But it seemed like half of the country wanted one too since all the major stores have been sold out for the last 4 months. There have been a few available on Ebay and other online sites but they were being sold over double the retail price. Outrageous! So Jojo’s been waiting patiently for our turn to get the Wii.

Yesterday one of my co-workers called and said that Toys R Us was releasing 50 game consoles this morning. They would sell them to the first 50 people in line. So bright and early this morning (on a Sunday!), Jojo and I were up and headed over to the parking lot of the local Toys R Us. We were a bit dismayed that the line seemed so long before 8 AM (the store opened at 10). But luckily even if most groups had 4-5 people, they were only purchasing one console. Toys R US was only selling one per party. We were number 39 and we settled at the end of the line.

It was so amusing to be there so early (some people were there at 6:30), standing in line for a videogame -- but there we were :) The sky was overcast and it was quite chilly. We stood around in our coats, trying to huddle for warmth. But everyone was in high spirits. I saw several of my other co-workers in line (about 5 of them and their families too). Because of that, the 2 hour wait (till the store opened) and the 1 hour wait (inside the store to get our game and to line up at the cashier) became actually quite fun. At around 9, the store was not yet open, but they were already turning away people who were driving up since there were already 50 families waiting in line.

We finally got our Wii at about 11 and headed home to try it out. It’s so cool! Super worth the wait and the money! We got the game console, the sports CD (which includes 5 games) plus double controllers / nunchucks - for a little over $300.00. You can buy other CDs with more games which we plan to do later on. For those who don’t know, what makes Wii better (than other game consoles like Playstation and X-Box) it is the fact that it is an interactive videogame. The graphics are amazing and the technology is pretty incredible.

First you start of by creating your “character” from a list of physical traits (eyes, nose, lips, face shape, hair style, and other facial features, tattoos, moles, make-up, glasses, etc, etc). Your character really does start to look like you! Then you get to play games with your character. You strap on the controls to your hands and your character does the exact same actions that you are doing. If you swing your right hand upward, so does your character on the tv screen. You can even do a little victory dance when you score a strike and your character does the dancing too! So you are actually playing the games thru your character. It is pretty awesome.

Jojo’s character’s name is “Ni” and my character’s name is “Deets”. Ni and Deets have been playing tennis, golf, bowling, baseball and even boxing all afternoon, while Jojo and I are getting quite a workout since we are literally going thru the motions of the game. And since Jojo and I are both so competitive, it’s been a very tiring afternoon. :)


jol said...

It is worth buying as Jojo and you enjoy playing with it and could also be some kind of exercise for you two. I can not imagine though how such a game can generate so much fun, including myself who does not really like computers. To see is to believe???

leslie Ty said...

Hi Jo!

I can't believe you're playing nintendo games :) you're always surprising me with your activities there :)

i'm going to Macau and Hongkong this weekend :) i just remembered our trip last 1998 :) that was really fun !!!!!

Pamela said...

Hi Jo,

We just got our Wii about two weeks ago. No patience to stay in the line but luckily Michael's brother bought it for us as a present on eBay since he doesn't care about the price. Hehehe! Let's have a tennis match sometime!