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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lazy Weekend

This weekend was an incredibly lazy one for us. I think everyone should have these kinds of weekends once in a while. Two days dedicated to our inner couch potato – just relaxing, recuperating and rejuvenating. We all go thru such stressful work weeks and sometimes having whirlwind weekends, although fun, leave us even more tired. I say once a month people should have a weekend just devoted to taking it easy.

Saturday we woke up late, had brunch at a Hawaiian cafĂ©, strolled around Bed, Bath and Beyond so we could finally use up a gift card I had gotten last Xmas. We bought a steamer (so we can steam dumplings) and a carbon monoxide detection kit, and headed home. We played Wii, watched tv, napped and just lazed around the rest of the afternoon. Went to mass at 7 then stopped at Blockbuster for some DVDs. On Sunday, we again slept in, walked to the corner supermarket and picked up a few things, grilled steaks and fresh asparagus for lunch, puttered around the garden, read, and napped. We made a quick stop at the mall to get my SIL a birthday gift and stopped next door at Best Buy to use Jojo’s gift card (which he also got last Xmas). Dinner was quick and easy - panini sandwiches made with smoked turkey and provolone.

It’s interesting that even if Jojo and I have been together for so long (8 years and counting), there are still things about each other that we are discovering. This weekend was one such time. We’ve found out that even if we both have different interests, we can find common ways to enjoy time together. And now, even after 8 years, we still have so many things we can talk about and share with each other. It’s nice to have someone who I can be totally comfortable and open with, and who can be so comfortable and open with me too. But the best thing about this weekend and what I learned about our relationship is, we are both very attuned to each other and so relaxed which each other’s company that we do not need to have activities and conversation and things going on around us. We can be taking a walk, sitting side by side in the garden, or reading the papers while having brunch, not talking, not touching, not making eye contact - and yet I feel connected and close to him each time.


jencc said...

hi, jo! i think that's what keeps most marriages great! stan and i have been together for more than half our lives (grabe, seems so long no?) and you know? we still are finding out about each other, like you guys! that's what keeps the spark. hope to meet jojo one day. regards!

jol said...

An ideal way to spend a weekend! Thanks for sharing this with us.