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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back to Blogging

It’s been almost two weeks since I last posted anything. Aside from being so busy at work and getting home late most nights, I was sick last week and didn’t really have the energy to blog. This week, I’ve been busy with my one true vice: REALITY TV. All week long, I’ve been glued to the boob tube watching the finale of my favorite reality tv shows: from The Bachelor (last Monday), Dancing with the Stars (Tuesday), and American Idol (last night). Now that the reality tv season is over … I’m finding myself with evenings open to just about anything! Guess it’s back to channel surfing, catching up on my reading, and blogging! :)

Last weekend we also celebrated my brother, Jules’, birthday. To celebrate his special day and the gorgeous weather we’ve been blessed with, we had our first backyard barbecue of the year. One of the best things I love about LA is the perfect barbecue weather. And one of the things I love most about our home, is we have a great backyard patio built for cozy, intimate, barbecue parties. Barbecues are great ways to get together. I not only get to have my family and friends over – but I also get to enjoy spending time with them rather than slaving over a hot stove :) Barbecues are when you have guests over and end up making them do their own cooking!

For this one we grilled steaks, baby back ribs and wieners. I also served pasta, corn salad, and potato wedges on the side. And for dessert, Jules had a mudpie birthday cake which was YUMMY.

I want to post some pictures from our little tête-à-tête but since we got a new camera and since I’m quite technologically challenged, I have to wait till Jojo has time to walk me through it. So maybe next time then :)


leslie Ty said...

Welcome back Jo...i missed reading your blog entries :)

hope all is well with you and Jojo!

Belated Happy Bday to Jules!

jol said...

Great way to come back with a brief description of Jules birthday party! Hope you don't break the "chain of blogs" again.

leslie Ty said...

hi jo!

Can you check my multiply account? :) :)


Junarakasa said...

Cool site, Les! I enjoyed the pictures - everyone looks different but the same (does that even make sense?). And thanks for featuring my blog too :) Keep up the great posts.

leslie Ty said...'re my inspiration :) you know i'm not a good writer so dinadaan ko na lang sa pics :)