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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lake Arrowhead

Last Saturday, Jojo and I spent the day exploring Lake Arrowhead. Although the drive was only an hour and a half from LA, it really seemed like it was another world. The day started out with great weather and beautiful scenery. Here were the views as we ascended over 5,000 feet into the pristine mountain resort.

The drive was a little harrowing since the road was steep and the turns were sharp. But the views were gorgeous (with a capital G).

Our first stop when we arrived was talking a walk along the lake and enjoying the cool, crisp mountain air. Of course, within the hour, we started getting hungry and decided to have brunch on a waterfront cafe called "Belgian Waffle Works". I had read reviews about the place and it looked very promising. We sat at a table overlooking the boat decks.

The place was very charming despite the falling pine needles that fell on our food throughout the meal. The restaurant decor was charming New England style (you can catch a glimpse of that style in the dainty plates and saucers). We shared a Parmesan Roast Beef sandwich which was SOOOO GOOOD. I know it was just a sandwich - but Jojo and I agreed it was one of the best sandwiches we've had (gooey cheese, tasty tender roast beef, hearty bread and a horseradish based dressing).

For dessert, we had to have the place's specilaty: Waffles! We decided on a Banana Cream Pie waffle. It was even better than all the reviews we had read. The bananas were sweet, the vanilla ice cream provided a great contrast to the hot, toasted waffles. The cream was freshly whipped and the creme filling was creamy and just sweet enough without being overpowering. It was sinfully good.

We walked off lunch around Lake Arrowhead Village - a cluster of stores, gourmet food shops, coffee houses, and boutiques. The place was so charming.

The day just got even better when we rounded the corner and found ... shopping outlets! Jojo was kidding me about driving a hundred miles, up 5,000 feet, and still managing to stumble upon a shopping paradise! It was great since the Memorial Day sales were full blast. Stores had storefront sales advertising 40-50-60- and even 70% off. Yay!

After getting two pairs of pants and a twinset for me plus some shirts for Jojo, we decided to go on a tour of the lake on the Arrowhead Queen. We boarded the Queen along with 30 others, for a 1-hour narrated tour along with our ship's captain, Bill.

It was interesting to see all the beautiful homes along the waterfront and to catch a glimpse of the wildlife so abundant along the coast. I absolutely fell in love with the place. It was serene, scenic, and special all rolled into one. Captain Bill told us the average home on the lake went for $7 million dollars ... a lakefront home definitely makes it to my top ten things to get when I win the lotto!


jol said...

There truly are so many beautiful places and sights to see in California. You almost missed this one which is not very far from Los Angeles. There is no reason for you to feel bad if you are unable to travel to different countries. You have all the states there to explore!

leslie Ty said...

Can you please bring me there the next time i visit LA? :)