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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Last week I’ve been under a lot of pressure at work because of a new project. As a result, I’ve been working long hours and even taking work home. Jojo has been incredibly patient and supportive. He’s certainly stepped up and done more than his fair share. As my way of thanking him, I decided to surprise him by getting tickets to watch Spiderman 3. Jojo and I have been looking forward to seeing this movie. We’re both huge fans of blockbuster movies and Jojo’s a big Marvel comics fan – so this would be the perfect way to show Joj I appreciate him.

Since last Friday was the movie’s opening day, I knew the lines would be long and movie tickets would be sold out. So I spent my lunch hour off from work lining up at the Del Amo AMC to get tickets for the 9:30 movie. It was going to be a surprise and I had planned on taking Jojo out to dinner and to give him the tickets as we’re having dessert.

Usually on Friday evenings, Jojo gets home a few minutes after I do. But since I’m on the phone with my family at that time, he usually just waves hello to me and opens up his computer to pass the time till I get off the phone and it’s time for us to start making dinner. That’s what I was expecting he would do which is why I posted a note on his monitor which read:

“Because you’ve been such a great hubby and have been working so hard at home and in the office … I have a surprise for you. Get dressed (warmly) and be ready to leave at 7:30 PM. Don’t ask me questions about what, where or why cause I’m not telling you anything – you’ll just have to trust me!”

I was on the phone with Joy when Jojo arrived and we were both excited about my surprise. But instead of the usual wave hello, Jojo walked up to me looking very excited. He very giddily tells me he has a surprise for me and hands me an envelope with two AMC movie coupons! Seriously. His surprise for me was my surprise for him! It was so funny when he handed me the tickets because I literally froze not knowing what to say when he told me we were watching Spiderman that night. He in turn started laughing when he read the note and I had to confess that I had gotten us tickets too.

The night turned out well, we enjoyed a good dinner, lined up in the cold to watch Spiderman 3 (which was AWESOME – the best of all the 3 Spiderman movies), and got to exchange the coupons Jojo had for another movie. It was just funny how we both surprised each other that way. Kind of reminds me about this Xmas story where the guy sells his pocket watch to surprise his wife with a haircomb, and the wife in turn sells her hair to buy her husband with a new chain for his pocketwatch. I love that story. I guess Jojo and my getting Spiderman tickets isn’t quite the same thing – but in a way it kinda is too. :)


ShelleyDiane said...

Great story- you're about three spots down from me. I was passing by and stopped.

You are an excellent writer. We do not have the same taste in literature, but your writing is interesting.

jol said...

Incredible coincidence??? Or more of thinking on the same wave channel!!!

jml said...

This is so sweet. It reminds me of the touching story "The Gift of the Magi". This is true love in action.

Leslie Ty said...

You're both lucky to have each other :) I'm really happy you found Jojo :)

As for's also a big thing here in Manila...we have to get tickets days before the actual screening.... :) imagine it earned USD1.1 Million dollars when it opened in Manila!

I liked Spiderman 2 better .... :)

Junarakasa said...

Sobrang lakas ng Spiderman. It's the highest grossing movie ever in terms of opening weekend. Ako, I liked this one best - but honestly medyo naiinis ako kay Kirsten Dunst. :)

joyeeeee said...

hahaha i do remember that we were indeed on the phone when jojo came in! haha:) it was funny since for quite some time you couldn't not sure if its bec you were in shock that he gave you the Spiderman tickets or you just couldn't talk cuz' you didn't want to reveal the surprise... but anyway, im glad you guys had fun!:) It's nice to think of little surprises and treats every now and then! Keeps it more exciting and fun!!!

leslie Ty said...

hahaha :) that's the usual comment...kakainis si kirsten :)

I hated naman the dance scene of tobey...parang pang pinoy film ! :)

are you guys excited for SHREK? :)